18 Easy Indian Diwali Sweets (Extremely Popular Indian Sweets)

18 Easy Indian Diwali Sweets is a variety of easy, delicious and quick Indian sweets for your Diwali or parties. These Easy Indian Diwali Sweets can be easily made at home in advance and stored in the fridge for 2-3 days or even longer. 

Each recipe in Easy Indian Diwali Sweets is popular.Easy Indian Diwali Sweets recipes

The festive season has already begun in India and Diwali is ‘The Festival of Sweets’ and here’s a variety of Easy Indian Diwali Sweets to enjoy.


The more sweets the merrier, you cannot just stop at one and they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

There is an old saying in India that ‘People will eat half of their food and keep space for desserts cause as Indians we looooove our sweets!

And why not, with so much diversity, every state or city is famous for their particular sweets or ‘Mithai’ as we popularly call it in India.

Especially, in Diwali, most of the sweet shops, start preparing for almost double/triple the number of sweets they normally make and trust me they all get sold.

There are times when a couple of really famous shops literally have lines of people buying sweets or a particularly sweet 

So, we bring for you, some of the Famous Indian Sweets that you can easily make at home for Diwali.

So if you are looking for Easy Indian dessert recipes for dinner parties or simple sweet recipes with few ingredients, then this is a great place to start with.

These recipes have ‘step by step’ options to make them and some of them are easy dessert recipes with pictures.

And the Best part about making your own sweet is that you can control the amount of sugar or any other ingredient that goes in it.

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This Additional 

Gujiya Recipe (Baked & Fried) Step by Step Process



Here’s our Indian Diwali Dessert pick:



Gulkand Rabri (Rose flavored Milk Pudding)

Gulkand Rabri or Rabdi is a delicious dessert made with thickened milk and Gulkand. Gulkand is an Indian mix of roses with sugar and sweet flavors.Gulkand-Rabri



Chana Dal Burfi (Split Pea Lentil Fudge)

Melt-in-your-mouth sweet, made with split chickpeas and delicately laced with cardamom. A fudgy, nutty piece of heaven.chana-dal-burfi



Shahi Saffron Pistachio Seviyan

Thick & creamy seviyan recipe that’s filled with the aromatic and delicious flavors of saffron, pistachio, almond and rosewater for that Perfect Festive dessert.




Malai Chum-Chum (Spongy Milk Fudge)

This sweet has a texture similar to rasgullas and is rich due to the addition of malai and the stuffing in it. malai-chum-chum




Microwave Besan Ladoo

Hands down the MOST Famous Indian Dessert that’s made in any and every occasion especially festivals. Made using Chickpea, sugar, ghee and nuts.microwave-Besan-ladoo



Rava-Laddu (Semolina Fudge)

A sweet made with semolina & sugar. Perfect for Diwali or any other festival.Rava_Laddu



Moong Dal Halwa (Lentil Pudding)

Made using (husked green lentil) redolent from the desi ghee and almonds will surely remind you of your fondest childhood memories. moong-dal-halwa


Instant Coconut Ladoo

3 ingredients and doesn’t involve much cooking. This recipe makes 15 medium size ladoo that can be stored in the fridge for 3 days.Instant Coconut Ladoo



Mango Kulfi

Made using milk, mango and nuts.mango-kulfi



Carrot Burfi (Fudge)

Carrot and Besan (chickpea) flour fudge.Carrot-Burfi



Quick Bengali Sandesh (Indian Fudge Sweet)

Indian Milk Fudge: absolutely divine & equally easy recipe to make Bengali Sandesh best-ever-sandesh-recipe-1



Poha-Coconut Ladoo (Rice-Coconut Ladoo)

Beaten Rice and Coconut BallsPoha-Laddoo-with-Coconut



Gulab Jamun Parfait

A luscious yet healthy Diwali dessert recipe made using gulab jamun, yogurt, cream and lots of love.gulab-jamun-diwali-recipe-quick



Pumpkin Burfi (Fudge)

Burfi is an Indian fudge made with milk combined with besan or mawa. This one includes pumpkin. Pumpkin-Burfi



Gulabi Kalakand (Rose Flavored Ricotta Fudge)

Rose Water flavored ricotta sweet is a light and soft Indian dessert that’s extremely easy to make at home.gulabi-kalakand


Quinoa – Apple Kheer (Pudding)

Healthy quinoa apple kheer is a low-calorie Indian festival dessert, full of fiber and nutrition.healthy-quinoa-apple-kheer


Indian Sesame Peanut Brittle

Quick Indian dessert made using peanuts, sesame, jaggery and ghee.Indian-sesame-peanut-brittle



Gajar ka Halwa (Indian Carrot Pudding)

Indian carrot pudding made using carrot, milk, ghee and nuts.gajar-ka-halwa


So I hope you get to enjoy these delicious  Easy Indian Diwali Sweets recipes – #diwalisweets 

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Easy Indian Diwali Sweets

Easy Indian Diwali Sweets


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