Quick Diwali Recipes – #diwalisweets #diwalisnacks

A special roundup of my most requested Quick Diwali Recipes.

– You’ll find all Diwali Sweets, Diwali Snacks, Diwali Entree and Sides recipe here – 

Easy and Quick Diwali Recipes

Easy and Quick Diwali Recipes

” Diwali “ the Indian Festival of Lights is just around the corner and here I’m sharing some of my most cherished recipes.

Diwali is hands-down our Favorite Indian festival and we have been hosting annual ‘Diwali’ parties for years. #diwalisweets #diwalisnacks


I remember mom hosting multiple Diwali parties at home with tons of food and most of it was made by her.

I used to especially love helping her prepping Diwali desserts (of course, won’t you 😉 ) and then helping her supervise the lights decor in the house.

Hence, it always gave that sense of excitement every since I remember …maybe it was the new clothes…

Maybe it was meeting everyone at home or maybe it was the smell of fresh gulab jamun being made at home!Quick Diwali Recipes

So, when I moved to California, I was super excited to host my first Diwali party and literally invited tons of the people from our apartment.

I was so excited that I literally made tons of food from kachori, curries, lamb, chicken, dessert…you get the idea… a Lot of Food !!!

And the best part, it was Devoured by everyone and I sent back everyone home with my special homemade Besan Ladoo (you can find the recipe in Diwali Sweets below).

I got asked about a lot of recipes and somehow that’s where the idea of maybe creating an online blog someday.

So fast-forward a couple of years, I created the blog in 2012 and today I wanted to share all those + NEW, delicious and Quick Diwali Recipes recipes that I get asked the most.


Wishing You & Your Loved Ones a Very Happy & Prosperous Diwali


I’m sharing all those delicious Quick Diwali Recipes by categories below:


Our Favorite Diwali Sweets / Mithai / Indian Sweets Recipes:

They contain a great mix of traditional and fusion Indian dessert recipes like Gulab Jamun Parfait / Instant Coconut Laddo / Besan Laddo/Thandai Mousse, etc

These Easy Indian Diwali Sweets recipes can be made on the Diwali day or few days in advance.

Indian Diwali Desserts - Quick Diwali Sweets

Indian Diwali Desserts – Quick Diwali Sweets


Indian Snack Recipes for Diwali 

This contains both vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks like Samosa Stuffed Buns/ Vegetable Curry Patties/ Vegetable Kebabs, etc

Indian Diwali Veg Snacks

Indian Diwali Veg Snacks



Indian Diwali Non-Veg Snacks

Indian Diwali Non-Veg Snacks 



Main Indian Recipes for Diwali (Diwali Entree)

This contains both vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks like Paneer Tikka Masala/ Kashmiri Dum Aloo/ Saag/ Kofta, etc

Indian Diwali Vegetarian Entree Recipes

Indian Diwali Vegetarian Entree Recipes



Indian Diwali Non-Vegetarian Entree Recipes

Indian Diwali Non-Vegetarian Entree Recipes


Indian Sides Recipes for Diwali

This contains both a great mix of Indian roti’s, paratha, kachori and rice like Biryani, Khooba Roti, Besan Roti, etc


Indian Diwali Side Dishes

Indian Diwali Side Dishes 



Here are Some Indian Drinks & Chutney for the Diwali Roundup:

Indian Cilantro Green Chutney Recipe (Keto / Vegan/ GF): Perfect for Samosa, Dosa, Sandwich, Tandoori Food or just anything #greenchutney #indianfood #ketorecipe #cilantrochutney #greenchutney


Indian Apple Ginger Chutney



2 Minutes Coconut Chutney recipe


Indian Drinks:

Cardamom & Mint Lemonade (Made 2 Ways – with or without alcohol)cardamom-and-mint-lemonade-recipe1


Blueberry Soda Lemonade (Shikanji Style)blueberry-soda-lemonade



Turmeric Rose Chai Tea Lattechai-tea-latte-recipe


Tried Our Recipe – AWESOME!!!

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