Instant Pot Gobi Masala – Cauliflower in Indian Spices (V+GF) #ketorecipe

Instant Pot Gobi Masala: everyday cauliflower or gobi masala recipe that’s infused with Indian spices and extremely easy to make. Perfect for #lowcarb #ketorecipe 

This Instant Pot Gobi Masala is Vegan + Glutenfree.

Instant Pot Gobi Masala This Instant Pot Gobi Masala or as some of you might know them as Cauliflower in Indian Spices or Instant pot Indian Cauliflower is one of my goto Indian style recipes to make using Cauliflower.

It’s super easy and actually easier to cook in InstantPot than cooking cauliflower on the stovetop as it saves so much cooking time and effort.

Ingredients for Gobi Masala:

Cauliflower (Gobi)
Indian Spices

Back in the days, we didn’t have the concept of ‘Instant Pot’ in India or I would say even now, it’s not that popular as most of the Indian homes use ‘Pressure Cooker’ (Stovetop version).

It’s been used in Indian households since generations and most of us grew up seeing our mom, grand-moms use a pressure cooker for everyday dals, meat, stews or even boil potatoes.

Hence, you won’t find tons n tons of Instant Pot Indian Recipes, but don’t worry, we are getting there and soon you’ll see tons of them.

Instant pot indian cauliflower

How did I got hooked on to the Instant-Pot?

A couple of years back, I got an Instant-pot as a Diwali gift from friends and it was kept hidden in the garage till one day I finally opened that magic box 🙂

It finally became a part of our regular kitchen gadgets and that’s how I started using it more frequently.

Initially, we boiled eggs, potatoes but soon graduated to making veggies, meat or my favorite Chole (Chickpeas) – I’m adding the recipe below.

Now, the tables have turned dramatically and there are some recipes that I make ONLY in instant pot and this is one of it

How to Make Instant Pot Gobi Masala

This Instant Pot Gobi Masala recipe is so simple that you could even term it a #holistic meal or even healthy Indian cauliflower recipe because:

  • It doesn’t use any Garlic.
  • Use of Extremely Mild Spices like coriander and cumin.
  • Some Sprinkle of Fresh Cilantro and that’s it. (optional)

I’m adding some red chili powder to make it little spicy as we like it that way, however, you can totally skip that if need to make instant pot gobi masala

Also, if you grew up in Delhi just like me, you’d know the love everyone has for  ‘Gobi / Gobhi / Cauliflower’ there!

It’s an extremely popular vegetable and people can eat it every day.

So you’d see tons of varieties including this  Instant Pot Gobi Masala or Cauliflower Instant Pot Recipe.

You’d definitely see it in almost every household in the winter season (when it’s produced the most).

Unlike here in the USA or other countries, cauliflower initially was available only during the winter season as it was considered to be a crop of winter.

However, now you can find cauliflower even in India (or some places in India) throughout the year.

The only difference between cauliflower in winter and all through the season is that the one available in winters (in India) is extremely tender and tastier.

Most of them are really small in size as compared to the large ones we get here.


Pro-TIP’s on cooking the cauliflower properly without making it into a Mush:


Use a ‘Large Pan/Pot’ when cooking cauliflower as they need space to cook properly.


You ‘Do Not’ want to cook them or keep stirring them for long as they mush up easily and then turn into this huge mash instead of individual florets.


Also, ‘Add Less Water’ as the addition of too much water makes it extremely mushy … almost soupy.


So, Always saute the spices + other veggies that go with it before and in the end add cauliflower.

It just needs 4-5 minutes of cooking and in instant-pot, it’s even quicker.

instant pot gobi masala recipe


Things to Remember Before Making the Gobi Masala:

Now, in an Instant-Pot, you’d need to add some minimum amount of water to make it steam properly, hence I’m adding a cup of water.

However, once your Gobi is cooked and you open the pot, if you see extra water, you can:


  • Discard it (scoop and throw)


  • Lightly Saute the gobi while the instant pot is still plugged in and in saute mode. This way, you can cook most of the water making the gobi crisp.


So these were some of the tips/tricks I use to make Instant Pot Gobi Masala or anytime I make gobi/cauliflower.

Go ahead and make try this simple and flavorful Instant Pot Gobi Masala recipe or Instant Pot Gobi.

Enjoy it as your weeknight meal or even weekends and do let me know how it went.

The simple flavors make this Instant Pot Gobi masala recipe absolutely delicious and an ideal choice for a main or side dish.


Tried Our Recipe – AWESOME!!!

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Yield: 4

Instant Pot Gobi Masala – Cauliflower in Indian Spices (V+GF) #ketorecipe

Instant pot gobi masala

Instant Pot Gobi Masala: everyday cauliflower or gobi masala recipe that's infused with Indian spices and extremely easy to make.
This recipe is Vegan + Glutenfree and perfect for #keto

Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes


  • 1 Large Cauliflower - cleaned & cut into florets or you can use those readymade florets bags
  • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil - you can use any other light oil
  • 1 Large Onion - finely chopped - you may use white or any other kind
  • 1 Tsp Grated Ginger - you may use 1/2 tsp ginger powder
  • ** 1 Cup Water - remove 2tbsp to make dry gobhi or use whole 1 cup to make it slightly thick - check notes below
  • 4 Tbsp Chopped Cilantro - optional


  • ½ Tsp Turmeric Powder
  • 1 Tsp Cumin Seeds
  • 1 Tbsp Coriander Powder
  • 1 Tbsp Cumin Powder
  • ½ teaspoon Garam Masala
  • ½ teaspoon Chili Powder
  • 1 Tsp Salt - use as per choice


  1. Turn On the Instant Pot to Saute mode.
  2. Once hot indication is on, add oil, cumin seeds and sauté for 30 secs.
  3. Now, add onions and saute for a minute (or till onions are golden).
  4. Add all the spices and saute for 30 seconds.
  5. Now, add the cauliflower florets and saute everything evenly.
  6. Add water and put Instant Pot lid on with pressure valve to seal.
  7. Cook manually on high for 3 mins.
  8. Once the timer is off, quick release the steam or pressure valve.
  9. Add chopped cilantro. and mix evenly using a fork (the cauliflower will be tender, so please don't put much pressure or it will mash up easily).
  10. Transfer to serving dish and garnish some more with cilantro on top.
  11. Serve with choice of side.


Important: Now, in an Instant-Pot, you'd need to add some minimum amount of water to make it steam properly, hence I'm adding a cup of water. However, once your Gobi is cooked and you open the pot, if you see extra water, you can:

Discard it (scoop and throw)

Lightly Saute the gobi while the instant pot is still plugged in and in saute mode. This way, you can cook most of the water making the gobi crisp.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 168Total Fat: 12gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 10gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 200mgCarbohydrates: 14gFiber: 6gSugar: 6gProtein: 5g

26 Replies to "Instant Pot Gobi Masala - Cauliflower in Indian Spices (V+GF) #ketorecipe"

  • Meenal December 27, 2019 (7:23 am)

    This has become our goto cauliflower recipe, very easy and everyone loves it including my kids.

  • Fiona February 7, 2019 (12:45 am)

    This recipe taste great! Unfortunately my cauliflower was super mushy. I used very large florets (as big as my palm) and didn’t sautéed the cauliflower before switching over to pressure mode and I depressurized it as soon as it was done. I’ll have to adjust the time next time I make this.

    • Molly Kumar February 8, 2019 (1:53 am)

      Hello Fiona, thanks for trying the recipe and yes, large florets tend to get mushy if we cook them together. But I’m so glad you liked the recipe as it’s one of our Fav 🙂 Thanks, Molly

  • Diana November 16, 2018 (7:56 am)

    My mom makes the world’s best Gobi. After that, I love your Gobi Masala. Too Good Molly

  • Joti May 13, 2018 (9:37 pm)

    In the ingredient list you ask for 1 cup water but in instruction only tell us to add 3 tbs.

    • Molly Kumar May 14, 2018 (2:22 pm)

      Hi Joti, thanks for your message and you need to add 1 cup of water. It’s been updated in the post, thanks.

  • Joan May 11, 2018 (3:53 pm)

    I am interested in making this dish, but am confused about the amount of water in the recipe. It is my understanding that you need at least a cup of water to bring to pressure, otherwise food will burn and it will not get to pressure. Could you please clarify? Thanks

    • Molly Kumar May 14, 2018 (2:21 pm)

      Hi Joan, thanks for your message and you need to add 1 cup of water. It’s been updated in the post, thanks.

  • Anonymous March 12, 2018 (3:44 pm)

    Awesome My daughter loves veggies she is 6 years old I’m sure she is going to love this style too, how simple and beautiful the recipe looks..

  • Claire | Sprinkles and Sprouts March 6, 2018 (12:41 am)

    3 minutes!!!!!! Man that is a super quick side dish.
    I am just loving the colour on this dish!!!
    Also cannot believe how the cauliflower doesn’t look mushy. I haven’t had much luck with cauliflower in my IP.
    HAVE to try this!!

    • Molly Kumar March 6, 2018 (2:28 am)

      Thanks so much Claire. Try this recipe and I’m sure it would come out fine. I think the key to cauliflower is cooking/sauteeing them less when we are using an instantpot or pressure cook as they cook really fast.

  • Lane | With Two Spoons March 2, 2018 (7:58 pm)

    YES! Cauliflower is my absolute favorite food right now! Buffalo cauliflower tacos (at home) the other night, a cauliflower burrito (at a restaurant) yesterday and now THIS! And made in my Instant Pot! I am going to make this again and again!

  • Allison - Celebrating Sweets March 2, 2018 (7:15 pm)

    I love how easy this is! I bet it’s so flavorful!

  • Tara March 2, 2018 (6:10 pm)

    Such a great use of the instant pot! The color of that cauliflower is absolutely gorgeous. I love those spices.

  • Joyce March 2, 2018 (5:35 pm)

    I looooooooooooooooooooove gobi masala! I can’t believe these take 7 minutes! They look so fantastically browned and not overdone too! You are definitely convincing me to pull out my instapot out again! 😀

    • Molly Kumar March 3, 2018 (8:50 pm)

      Hahahha, you have to try it as it’s AMAZINGLY Delicious n So Quick!!!

  • Pam Greer March 2, 2018 (5:23 pm)

    I love my Instant Pot! This recipe is going on the to-try list!

  • Liz @ I Heart Vegetables March 2, 2018 (5:17 pm)

    YUM! Most of the Instant pot recipes I’ve seen have been meat, and since I’m a vegetarian I haven’t really considered getting one. But I’d get one for this recipe alone! I LOVE gobi masala!

  • Sues March 2, 2018 (4:36 pm)

    I love all the flavors in this, especially from that turmeric and ginger! And I’m always looking for more great Instant Pot recipes, so I’m loving this!

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