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27 Delicious Indian Dessert Recipes to Celebrate Holi

Best of the Best mouthwatering collection of quick and easy Indian dessert recipes for the Festival of Holi or whenever you're in a mood to celebrate love and life. Traditional to Fusion Indian Dessert Recipes.

Best Gujiya Recipe (Fried and Baked) Step-by-Step

Best Gujiya Recipe (Indian Sweet Empanadas - Fried and Baked) Flaky, sweet & almost melt in your mouth gujiya recipe with step by step process.

Zarda Recipe | How to Make Zarda | Zarda Pulao

Zarda - Indian Sweet Rice Pilaf with Saffron and Nuts is a traditional Indian rice dish that's absolutely aromatic and delicious in every bite.

Gulab Jamun Dessert Parfait (Light Indian Dessert) #gulabjamun

Gulab Jamun Dessert Parfait (Light Indian Dessert): A luscious, healthy Indian Diwali dessert recipe made using gulab jamun, yogurt, cream and lots ...

Microwave Besan Ladoo (5 Ingredients) Makes 18 Ladoos

Microwave Besan Ladoo (4 Ingredients): Hands down the MOST Famous Indian Dessert made every occasion especially festivals. 100% Glutenfree, ...

18 Easy Indian Diwali Sweets (Extremely Popular Indian Sweets)

18 Easy Indian Diwali Sweets is a variety of easy, delicious and quick Indian sweets for your Diwali or parties. Each recipe in Easy Indian ...