Dhaba Style Masala Chicken Taco (Indian Chicken Taco)

Dhaba Style Masala Chicken Taco is an Indian version of Taco filled with spicy sauteed chicken rolled in a homemade wheat tortilla.  

Dhaba Style Masala Chicken Taco

Dhaba Style Masala Chicken Taco

I know many of you would go ‘Whaaaa’? For me, it was quite a surprising name for me too but yes, that’s what everyone named it in our family….

Now that the name has taken your fancy, please take a seat and I’ll let you know ‘When & How’ they happened.

During my initial office days back in Gurgaon near New Delhi, w used to pass (We – Me and 4 other office colleagues) 

Several Dhaba’s (street style restaurant) during our work route and many times, we used to see cars lined up for food but we never got a chance to stop until…

.when we reached office and there was a power outage with the office generator not working properly as well – Yipeeee!!!!

(Yes, outages were common and used to happen back then for a couple of hours every day).Masala Chicken Taco

So, without wasting much time, OFF we go with a unanimous decision to one of the local dhaba and ordered a couple of local curry dishes along with dhaba style chicken – which my friends, is a thinly chopped chicken with or without vegetable cooked on a humongous hot tava (griddle).

The technique is to put everything on hot tava and use sharp-edged spatula’s to chop cook the dish (it literally felt like hands doing break-dance to the taktaktak sound of spatula hitting the tava) .

Within 10 minutes the recipe was made and served to us along with rice. The dish tasted absolutely delicious and spicy and more than anything we were mesmerized by the way it was cooked.

Also, most of the dhaba food cooked in India is cooked on request, fast, easy and using very basic ingredients (not very expensive) hence the food tastes absolutely divine.


Chicken Taco

Dhaba Style Masala Chicken Taco

So, I made the same dhaba chicken masala and served them over whole wheat Indian roti/naan along with fresh sliced veggies and some freshly squeezed lime – The Recipe Turned out to be a HIT!

Although, I’ve modified the recipe a little making it less oily and more home kitchen-friendly (void the humongous tava and sharp-edged spatula to chop chop).

I’m using bite-sized chopped chicken in a skillet or you can use any heavy bottom pan, to give it a crispy texture and make it quick.

In most of the dhaba’s they use a lot of ketchup and instant sauce, hence I’m also using the same along with some chili sauce but you can use diced tomatoes or even tomato paste.

Dhaba Style Masala Chicken Taco

Dhaba Style Masala Chicken Taco

Try this recipe for your next meal/brunch and enjoy the freshness of the veggies with lemony dhaba style chicken and Do let me know πŸ™‚


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Yield: 10

Dhaba Style Masala Chicken Taco

Dhaba Style Masala Chicken Taco

Dhaba Style Masala Chicken Taco are your delicious Indian Style Taco ready in 15 minutes and served on whole wheat roti or flatbread.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 10 Cooked Small Roti
  • 1/2 Lb Boneless Chicken
  • 2 Medium Onions - Thinly Chopped
  • 2 Medium Green Bell-pepper - Chopped into bite-size
  • 1 Tsp Grated Ginger
  • 2 Tbsp Tomato Ketchup
  • 1 Tsp Red Chili Sauce - I'm using sambal
  • 1 Tsp Lemon Juice
  • 1 Medium JalapeΓ±o - Sliced
  • 2 Tbsp Oil - I'm using vegetable oil, you can use any light to medium oil


  • 1 Tsp Cumin Powder
  • 1 Tsp Coriander Powder
  • 1 Tsp Garam Masala
  • To Be Served On Side: (Optional)
  • 1/2 Cup Red Radish - Thinly Sliced
  • 1/2 Cup Cucumber - Thinly Sliced
  • 1/2 Cup Red Cabbage - Thinly Sliced
  • 1 Lime - Thinly Sliced


  1. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a skillet on medium-high flame.
  2. Add onion and sauté for 2 minutes on medium heat (Or till onions turn golden)
  3. Now, add ginger, chicken, evenly sauté and cook covered for 2 minutes on low heat.
  4. Remove the cover, sauté the chicken evenly, add the spices and cook covered for 2 minutes (or till chicken is evenly cooked).
  5. Once the chicken is evenly cooked, remove the cover and sauté on low heat.
  6. Add, ketchup, chili sauce and sauté everything together for 2 minutes. (This will brown the chicken nicely and it absorbs the ketchup bs sauce).
  7. Once everything is cooked evenly, add lemon juice and turn off the heat.
  8. Take 1 Tortilla/Roti/Naan and add 2 tbsp of cooked chicken mince over it (in the center).
  9. Add the chopped veggies, jalapeño and sour cream on top.
  10. Serve open-faced or rolled (as per choice).


Roti - I'm using Wholewheat Roti.

Lemon Juice - I'm using fresh, you may use store-bought too.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 401Total Fat: 20gSaturated Fat: 4gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 14gCholesterol: 40mgSodium: 310mgCarbohydrates: 38gFiber: 8gSugar: 8gProtein: 19g

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  • Fareeha August 19, 2015 (8:38 am)

    Ahhh!! i am feeling hungry right now.. love ur recipe

  • Sandi Gaertner (@sandigtweets) August 17, 2015 (4:43 pm)

    This looks like a fun recipe to try. I love that your whole family participated πŸ™‚

    • Molly Kumar September 1, 2015 (7:17 am)

      Thanks Sandi – It’s a fun for all recipe πŸ™‚

  • Chris @ SimpleFood365 August 17, 2015 (4:30 pm)

    This looks so yummy! I love tacos, chicken and all the spices sound great!

  • Sandhya August 17, 2015 (4:01 pm)

    Molly, I love dhaba food and these tacos look scrumptious !

  • Bam's Kitchen August 16, 2015 (9:01 am)

    So colorful and delicious with loads of flavor. This is some delicious comfort food!

    • Molly Kumar August 18, 2015 (7:19 pm)

      So true, absolutely comfortfood πŸ™‚

  • J @ A Hot Southern Mess August 15, 2015 (5:10 pm)

    These sound and look delicious! I can’t imagine power outages daily! That’s crazy! I bet that these tacos would make it all better! πŸ™‚

  • Brian Jones August 15, 2015 (5:21 am)

    Tacos and Indian flavours, I’ll bring the beer what time do you want me to arrive πŸ˜‰

    • Molly Kumar August 15, 2015 (5:27 am)

      hahhaha…anytime is a beer-time on weekend – Most Welcome !!!

  • Molly Kumar August 15, 2015 (5:20 am)

    Thanks Paige…the red cabbage actually adds so much extra crunch and definitely pops up the look.

  • Kevin | KevinIsCooking August 15, 2015 (4:01 am)

    Love everything about this from the whole wheat roti, to the spices and all the toppings for freshness! Beautiful photos too!

    • Molly Kumar August 15, 2015 (5:17 am)

      Thanks Kevin, glad you liked the recipe.

  • Rachel @ atheltic avocado August 14, 2015 (8:05 pm)

    These look so good! I love chicken tacos!

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