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:: All About Easy Cooking with Molly and Much More ::

Hello/Namaste , I’m Molly Kumar, from New Delhi (India) and have been living in sunny California for many many years now.

Welcome to ‘ Easy Cooking with Molly ‘


My early memories of food are around the age of 3, following my mom in the kitchen which was like a treasure trove.

Filled with a variety of spices from India or outside, vegetables, meat n of course utensils that would keep an inquisitive young girl happy for hours.

I would touch all the utensils, taste any and all kind of spices (some really nasty too) whatever my tiny hands could find and soon figured out my favorite ones ‘Sugar, Mango Powder & Cinnamon‘.


In between all this, I baked my first cake at the age of 5 (under the watchful eyes of my MOM).

Till date I can remember that moment so vividly….the kitchen smelled divine & while the cake baked, you could lick the leftover batter from the fork….WHAT else would you want from life right?

First bite of that delicious freshly baked cake – I fell in LOVE with Food, Baking & Cooking ! 


But as you grow, get into the worldly stuff and actually end up doing something you may like second best. So I ended up being an HR Manager but food always remained my passion.

Whenever I found the time, I would cook for friends and family. Even on the day’s when I’m most stressed, making a simple dish takes me to a zen state of mind.


In-between all this got married, shifted from ‘Meri Dilli’ (New Delhi) to Sunny California with my husband D and suddenly what was once hobby cooking changed to an everyday necessity.

The best part in all this, I got a 24/7 food taster/critique(we both being very picky eaters 🙂 and I landed in a state which is famous for its diversity & culture!!

In other terms, a gold mine of spices n condiments from all over the world. From here my journey of ‘FUSION’ started.rose-almond-smoothie

I’ve tried my hands on whatever spices I can find in stores/online and have made some not so bad to some finger-licking fusion recipes.

I’m not saying I’m a perfect cook but yes, I can sure cook up a storm that you wish comes often 😉

Quick Thai String Bean Chicken Recipe

If given a chance and time permits, we would not want to repeat same dishes for months….in simple terms, we want variety in every meal – every day and so did most of our family n friends.

And they wanted minute details of our recipes, so ‘Easy Cooking with Molly‘ was born. On my site, you’ll find recipes from Indian to Fusion of World Ingredients.


I take pride in my recipes, cause I try to make them less oily, quick and flavorful.

While doing all this, I also realized (seeing the amusement on my colleague’s faces) that they couldn’t believe that Indian cuisine actually offers much more than the “Butter Chicken / Tandoori Chicken / Naan / ETC”, food that you see in the restaurants.

We can definitely have tons of variety in every category be it snacks/sides / entree / vegan / gluten-free, so on.

So that’s one more thing you’ll find on my site other than the already famous Indian recipes.


So that sums most of the things about me n ‘Easy Cooking with Molly‘, and if you would like to more than definitely drop a comment below.

OMG, How did I MISS the Most Important part of my blog……Did I also tell you a secret to my flavorful cooking apart from spices? It’s MUSIC! You heard it right, no music = no cooking in my kitchen.


So every recipe that you see here has a blasting background music and no there is no Taaadaaa in the End 😉

Write to me or Drop a comment below as I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you and if you choose to make any of my recipes!!

PLEASE do send me pics or #easycookingwithmolly on any of social media.

quick vegetable biryani

I’m interested in the following & You can get more details on ‘Contact Me’ (Ask for my Media Kit for More Details on Brands I’ve worked with):
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  • Review and post products that come in the Food & Drinks Category.


  • Guest-post or you can feature my recipes as long as you take my consent and give me full credits. (Please DON’T copy my hard work)

    ~ Enjoy & Share ~

*All the recipes posted on my page have been successfully tried and tested multiple time with many applause.