27 Delicious Indian Dessert Recipes to Celebrate Holi

27 Delicious Indian Dessert Recipes to Celebrate Holi : Best of the Best mouthwatering collection of quick and easy Indian dessert recipes for the Festival of Holi or whenever you’re in a mood to celebrate love and life. You’ll find traditional Indian dessert recipes to fusion Indian. Come Enjoy them with us.

quick-indian-desserts-holiHoli or ‘Festival of Colors’ as it’s known Internationally, is one of the biggest festivals of India and it’s celebrated with lot of love, enthusiasm, and tons of food. Hence, what would be better than sharing a colorful display of ’27 Delicious Indian Dessert Recipes to Celebrate Holi’. I’ve collaborated with few of my food blogger friends to bring to you’ll a collection of one of India’s favorite dessert recipes and what’s even better is that it caters to all tastes whether you want completely traditional or fusion desserts. So come along with we and pick your favorite while I go through each one of them for you 🙂 indian-dessert-recipes-collection——————————————- (Explaining Left to Right) ——————————————-

Thandai – Spiced Milk Drink: It’s the Quintessential Dessert Drink of Holi, made with a mixture of nuts, spices, and milk.

Perfect Faluda / Falooda or Rose and Vanilla Milkshake : It’s a milk drink with vanilla ice cream, rose syrup, and few other ingredients.

Cardamom Spiked Almond Meal and Vermicelli Pots : It’s made with milk and thin noodles.
gujiya-recipe-quick——————————————- (Explaining Left to Right) ——————————————-

Kesar Pista Elaichi Biscuits (Eggless) : Indian style cookies with saffron and green cardamom.

Best Gujiya Recipe (Indian Sweet Empanadas – Fried and Baked) – Crispy and filled with nuts, ricotta and cardamom. 

Gur Pare Recipe : Mixed flour, coated in jaggery syrup and flavored with cardamom.
rabri-indian-milk-pudding-recipe——————————————- (Explaining Left to Right) ——————————————-

Classic Bengali Sweet – Bhappa Doi : Steamed Yogurt. Flavored with exotic saffron, cardamom & a hint of citrus.

Aam Doi/Baked Mango Yogurt : Baked creamy yogurt bursting with fresh Mango flavor.

Rabri Recipe : Creamy milk reduced to a thick pudding of sorts that is sweetened with sugar and made fragrant with saffron and cardamom.
———————————————————————————————————————– kheer-recipe-phirni——————————————- (Explaining Left to Right) ——————————————-

Saffron rice kheer : Warm milk – rice pudding with saffron and nuts.

Gulabi Phirni : Creamy rose flavored rice pudding.

Brown Rice & Jaggery Phirni : Crushed rice pudding with jaggery and nuts.
———————————————————————————————————————– easy-holi-dessert-recipes——————————————- (Explaining Left to Right) ——————————————-

MothiChur Ladoo : Chickpea flour dessert balls soaked in sugar syrup.

Instant Kesar Peda Recipe : Saffron Infused Milk Fudge.

Instant Jalebis : Indian funnel cakes soaked in sugar syrup.
———————————————————————————————————————– fusion-indian-dessert-recipes——————————————- (Explaining Left to Right) ——————————————-

Carrot Halwa Jelly : Inspired by the popular Indian dessert Carrot Halwa, this simple Carrot Halwa jelly is made with carrots, cardamom & Agar. (VEGAN + GF).

Thandai White Chocolate Truffles : Milk fudge Truffles with spice flavor.

Thandai Cheesecake : Oreo biscuit and waffle crumbled to form the base. Cheesecake is flavored with thandai masala.
———————————————————————————————————————– holi-fusion-dessert-recipes——————————————- (Explaining Left to Right) ——————————————-

Gulab Jamun Dessert Parfait : Gulab Jamun in yogurt, nuts and saffron.

Coconut Panna Cotta with Passionfruit and Mangoes : Luscious mix of coconut, passionfruit and mangoes.

Thandai Pannacotta with Strawberry and Mango Coulis : Pannacotta inspired by strawberry and mango flavor.
———————————————————————————————————————– colorful-holi-dessert-recipes——————————————- (Explaining Left to Right) ——————————————-

Alebele – Goan Coconut filled Pancake : Colorful coocnut – jaggery pancakes.

Pistachio Rose Chocolate Bark : Decadent chocolate bark, sprinkled with roasted pistachios, crushed rose petals and cardamom dust.

Zarda : Indian Sweet Rice Pilaf with Saffron and Nuts
saffron-holi-recipes——————————————- (Explaining Left to Right) ——————————————-

 Pineapple Sandesh Mithai : 2 Ingredients Milk and Pineapple dessert.

Figs – Saffron Ice Cream : No-Churn dessert with few ingredients.

Gulab Jamun Cupcake : Cupcakes with Gulab Jamuns in the batter.
———————————————————————————————————————–This conclude our ’27 Delicious Indian Dessert Recipes to Celebrate Holi’ and hope you try as many as you can from this collection. Enjoy Holi ~ The Festival of Colors with your loved one. happy-holi-picture-easycookingwithmolly
Until Next Time-easycookingwithmolly

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  • comment-avatar
    Helene D'Souza March 10, 2017 (4:30 am)

    woaah that’s an amazing collection of Indian sweet recipes for Holi. Love it Molly! Thanks for putting in so much work, I have saved it for my future reference (PS. TY for including the Alebele!)

  • comment-avatar
    Megan Marlowe March 13, 2017 (1:35 am)

    WOW! This is quite a delicious roundup. I am not sure which I’d like to try first. That vanilla milkshake with rose syrup has me swooning and thirsty though and that pistachio rose chocolate bark looks divine too.

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar March 13, 2017 (3:04 pm)

      Thank you so much Megan 🙂 It’s tough for me too, to choose a recipe out of this 😉

  • comment-avatar
    Daniela Anderson March 13, 2017 (9:24 pm)

    An impressive collection of mouth-watering desserts, l would love to try them, as l must confess l have not had the chance to have most of them. I hope you’ve had amazing time celebrating Holi!

  • comment-avatar
    Jennifer A Stewart March 14, 2017 (12:06 am)

    I love meeting Indian bloggers and seeing all the wonderful foods they make. So many of them are not only tasty but so visually vibrant! I really want to spend a year in India so I can experience all of these glorious holidays. I want to try each and every one of these!

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