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Instant Pot Ravioli in Spicy Pumpkin Wine Sauce (using frozen ravioli)

Instant Pot Ravioli in Spicy Pumpkin Wine Sauce: Ravioli sauteed in leftover pumpkin puree, seasoning and white wine along with peas and onions. ...

Quick Honey Sriracha Bacon Brussels Sprouts #keto

Quick Honey Sriracha Bacon Brussels Sprouts: crunchy, spicy-sweet and super yum dish a perfect side for your Thanksgiving dinner or a light meal. ...

Bengali Sandesh Recipe – How to Make Sandesh using Ricotta Cheese

Quick Bengali Sandesh Recipe:  made using channa/ricotta cheese, sugar, ghee, and few other ingredients, this sandesh or sondesh rec...

27 Delicious Indian Dessert Recipes to Celebrate Holi

Best of the Best mouthwatering collection of quick and easy Indian dessert recipes for the Festival of Holi or whenever you're in a mood to celebrate love and life. Traditional to Fusion Indian Dessert Recipes.

Best Gujiya Recipe | Step by Step How to Make Gujiya (Fried+Baked)

Best Gujiya Recipe (Indian Sweet Empanadas - Fried and Baked) Flaky, sweet & almost melt in your mouth gujiya recipe with step by step process.

Zarda Recipe | How to Make Zarda | Zarda Pulao

Zarda - Indian Sweet Rice Pilaf with Saffron and Nuts is a traditional Indian rice dish that's absolutely aromatic and delicious in every bite.