Paneer Bhurjee – Indian Cottage Cheese Scramble

Paneer Bhurjee – Indian Cottage Cheese Scramble: a delicious side recipe that’s a favorite among kid and adults. 

This is a quick, easy and multi-purpose recipe which can be served as breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.
It is an easy substitute to scrambled egg, low on carbs and rich in protein. It’s also very colorful n pleases kids easily 🙂



Serves: 2
Serving Suggestion: Can be served with Roti / Rice / Bread or Eaten as is.
1 medium
nonstick wok
1 Cup Cottage Cheese /Queso Fresco (Paneer) – (Click link for homemade recipe)
1 Large Onion – Chopped into thin pieces
1 Large Tomato – Chopped into thin pieces
1 Large Green Chili – Julienne – Add as per taste
2 Tbsp Ketchup
2 Tbsp Oil
Powdered Spices:
1 Tsp Coriander Powder
1 Tsp Cumin Powder
1 Tsp Red Chili Powder
2 Tsp Salt (As per taste)
  1. Heat oil in a nonstick wok, add and sauté till pink in color.
  2. Add cheese / fresco/paneer in onion mixture and sauté for 5-6 min.
  3. Add powdered spices, tomato and saute for 3-4 more minutes.
  4. Now the cheese is almost cooked, crumbly in texture and would leave water on the edges.
  5. Add ketchup, green chilies and sauté for 2 more min.
  6. Turn off the heat and Serve Hot.

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