Loaded Vitamin C Immune Booster Smoothie

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Farm Fresh To You. All opinions are 100% mine.
Loaded Vitamin C Immune Booster Smoothie : (Tips for Planning, Enjoying, and Sticking to Healthy Snacks)  Delicious and Creamy Green Smoothie that’s loaded with immunity booster. (V + GF + Paleo)green-smoothie-produceI have been so looking forward to sharing my ‘Loaded Vitamin C Immune Booster Smoothie’ (Tips for Planning, Enjoying, and Sticking to Healthy Snacks) with you. We just celebrated 1st Day of May, the official start of Summer, but this year the weather in California is still trying to decide whether we are in summer or cloudy spring (lol). Despite the current weather changes, we all need to load up with fresh and nutrient-rich fruits and veggies to help boost our immunity. While deciding what to put in my smoothie, I recently came across ‘Farm Fresh to You’. farm-fresh-to-you

Farm Fresh To You ‘believes in reducing miles and connecting with their customers’ and hence, ‘Delivers -> Organic Produce To Your Door’ and wait for it, there’s more:

  1. They have different ‘Types of Boxes’ to choose from
  2. You can customize each and every box of produce
  3. Add other or unique hand crafted farm products
  4. Pick a delivery date, cycle & sit back – enjoy

I mean, seriously, it cannot get better than this….the option of choosing my favorite homemade recipes’ ingredients from the comfort of my home and then have it delivered – Total Bliss !!! Apart from the comfort they provide their customers, they promote biodiversity and the ability to grow varieties of crops that taste better while operating an environmentally and economically sustainable farming system. farm-fresh

I know many of you have found it challenging to find good local organic produce, but with ‘Farm Fresh To You they will eliminate this challenge. The second most common challenge is ‘not having enough time to make something healthy’ – well, with my ‘Loaded Vitamin C Immune Booster Smoothie’, you have an absolutely gorgeous and delicious recipe ready in 2 minutes and it’s a powerhouse of nutrients – that can help you fight the common cold infection and super boost your immunity. best-green-smoothie-recipe

I ordered ‘No-Cook’ box from  Farm Fresh To You which contained a large variety of fruits and vegetables that people like you and me can use when they’re on the go. My box was delivered in 3 days and it had a mix of kale, oranges, kiwi, avocado and many other produce items. As I was also recovering from a seasonal cold, nothing looks better than a fresh homemade ‘‘Loaded Vitamin C Immune Booster Smoothie’ to help raise my body’s immunity to fight germs and free radicals. Along with the fresh fruits and veggies, I went a step ahead and added matcha powder, turmeric, chia powder, coconut milk, and aloe juice to help me heal, stay stronger and feel healthier. green-smoothie-kale-turmeric

Here’s some quick ‘Tips for Planning, Enjoying, and Sticking to Healthy Snacks’:

  1. Always try to eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.
  2. Prep healthy snack options in advance and store in your fridge.
  3. Prep smoothie fruits and veggies in portioned bags and keep them in your freezer.
  4. Freeze Smoothies in ziplock bags or freezer containers for a quick snack.
  5. Snack on healthy dried nuts like cranberries, almond, and pistachios.
  6. Drink a lot of water, especially during the summer.
  7. Try to eat a colorful bunch of fruits and veggies as different colors denote different phytonutrients needed by the body.
  8. When going on a trip or out of house, always carry snack bags with healthy options.
  9. Finally, Take a Break, Breathe and Enjoy a Healthy Snack Everyday.  breakfast-green-smoothie-recipe-immunity

Now, for my ‘Loaded Vitamin C Immune Booster Smoothie’, I’ve actually picked a mix of base liquid like coconut juice, plain yogurt (dairy-free) and a mix of kiwi, orange, avocados, apple, lime, mint, kale and few more ingredients. But it’s absolutely up to you to pick a base or fruit/veggie ingredient. Once the smoothie is made, I loooove topping them with coconut, toasted quinoa, and turmeric. You can check more of my smoothies option like
Mango Matcha Chia Layered Smoothie
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Beet Blueberry Ginger Smoothie Bowl kiwi-orange-smoothie-vegan

That is it on this edition and I hope you check out Farm Fresh To You as they have extended the following offer to my followers:

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             ******************************************************************************** superfood-green-smoothie-vegan

Until then ~ XoXo

Yields 3 Cups

Loaded Vitamin C Immune Booster Smoothie

1 minPrep Time

1 minCook Time

2 minTotal Time

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2 Small Oranges - peeled and deseeded

2 Small Kiwi - peeled and chopped

1 Cup Kale - fresh or frozen

1 Avocado - peeled and chopped

1 Medium Apple - chopped

Juice of 1 Lime

1/2 Tsp Matcha Powder - optional

1/4 Tsp Turmeric Powder

1 Cup Plain Yogurt - i'm using dairy-free option but you can use any yogurt

1/2 Cup Coconut Water

1/2 Cup Ice

Toppings - Optional

1/2 Tsp Coconut Flakes

1/2 Tsp Roasted Quinoa

Pinch of Turmeric Powder

2 Sliced Orange


  1. Place all the ingredients in a blender jar and pulse to form a smooth consistency. (You can add less or more ice for chunkier or less chunky smoothy).
  2. Pour in serving glasses.
  3. Top with coconut, roasted quinoa, turmeric and a slice of orange.
  4. Serve Fresh
Cuisine: American | Recipe Type: Breakfast . Snack
134 cal
7 g
16 g
4 g

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17 Replies to "Loaded Vitamin C Immune Booster Smoothie"

  • comment-avatar
    peter @Feed Your Soul Too May 4, 2017 (2:36 pm)
    This looks totally healthy yet tasty. The ingredient I like the most is the turmeric!
  • comment-avatar
    Aish Das-Padihari May 4, 2017 (8:54 pm)
    Gorgeous pictures and this smoothie looks like something, I can start my days with and feeling good the whole day afterwards.
  • comment-avatar
    Kathy @ Beyond the Chicken Coop May 5, 2017 (1:32 am)
    I think I could eat this for breakfast every day! That would keep any sickness away! Love all these fresh ingredients used in this smoothie!
  • comment-avatar
    Chef May 5, 2017 (2:57 am)
    love the vibrant color - looks so appetizing
  • comment-avatar
    Igor @ Cooking The Globe May 5, 2017 (6:37 am)
    Now that's what I call a smoothie! Packed with vitamins and (I bet) super delicious!
  • comment-avatar
    Tina Dawson | Love is in my Tummy May 5, 2017 (1:23 pm)
    Love all these tips Molly! Thank you!
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar May 5, 2017 (2:44 pm)
      Thanks so much Tina and glad you liked the recipe.
  • Modish Taste | Loaded Vitamin C Immune Booster Smoothie (V + GF + Paleo) May 7, 2017 (3:03 am)
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  • comment-avatar
    Melissa @ Insider The Kitchen May 11, 2017 (2:18 am)
    I have been juicing for a while now and to have a product available like this is only going to make it that much easier. The taste is so refreshing! It is not gritty and doesn’t taste like dirt or roots. It is minty and gives me tons of energy. Wonderful supplement for my clean eating lifestyle. I like it with water and ice or added to my smoothies or fresh juice.
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar May 15, 2017 (4:52 pm)
      Thanks Melissa and glad you liked the smoothie :)
  • comment-avatar
    heather (delicious not gorgeous) May 12, 2017 (3:45 pm)
    i've never used turmeric or kiwi in a smoothie before! there's so little turmeric though that i think it'd be fine (if there's too much, it feels powdery to me), and i love kiwis, so this sounds like a tasty smoothie even if i don't need that immune boosting element (nice side benefit though!).
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar May 15, 2017 (4:49 pm)
      Thanks Heather :) The turmeric sure does give that extra health boost in this smoothie.

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