Healthy Eating Tips with elevĀte Salads

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Healthy Eating Tips with elevĀte Salads: ‘We are what we eat, so let’s eat healthy’ — That’s definitely what I believe and today’ll be sharing some ‘Healthy Eating Tips’ with elevĀte salads

Healthy Eating Tips Elevate Salads

Healthy Eating Tips with elevate Salads : #ad #elevatesalads #healthy #tips #

Hi everyone, today I wanted to have a quick chat with you’ll about something you and I have in common – Our Love for Food and maintaining a good healthy food/meal routine.

I know many of us or I can say most of us, are so busy playing so many roles in our life (mom/dad, wife/husband, professional / caregiver / etc)

Due to lack of time, we sometimes forget the one MOST important thing that actually keeps us going on – Our Food.

elevate-salad-easycookingwithmollyMany times, due to a hectic schedule, I skip a meal and my favorite excuse …. I just don’t have the time or the energy to make something.

BUT I think, we have to STOP that and try to eat 3-4 small meals a day (if that’s too much for you, let’s start with 2-3).

So, a few days back, during our regular Costco visit, I came across this ‘ elevĀte (Ready Pac) Salads’.

It came in a pack of 4 and the best part – elevĀte has 8 ready-to-eat superfood salads to help us jumpstart our journey while letting our taste buds enjoy many delicious flavors.

We bought the ‘Organic Nutty Cranberry (Vegan)’ and loved the combination of greens+nuts+cranberries, as its packed with plant protein and rich in antioxidants.

Also, I love the fact that it’s * USDA organic , * Non-GMO Project verified, along with being Vegan & Glutenfree (for many of my friends n family).

I’ve already taken the ‘Organic Nutty Cranberry (Vegan)’ with me to the beach, shopping and even enjoyed at my work desk along with my fav smoothie. salad in bag

As I mentioned above, I love to eat but I don’t overeat and follow a simple healthy routine and here are few of those steps:

Early Morning:
Start your day with a warm glass of turmeric water/tea with few drops of lemon.

Turmeric is full of antioxidant that helps fights free radicals that damage the body’s immune system. Lemon has tons of Vitamin C which is good for our heart+eyes+skin.

Breakfast: THE Most Important Meal of our Day!
1. Should include atleast 10 gms of proteins (you can use eggs/meat or plan protein depending on your choice). Proteins are important for building n repairing our tissues/bone/muscles/skin & blood.

2. Try to keep the Breakfast under 250-400 Calorie and choose whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

3. Try to eat breakfast within 1-2 hrs of waking up as this helps maintain a good metabolic rate.


1. This should include a good amount of fiber (5-7gms) and should be 40-50% of your meal along with meat proteins (as per your diet).

2. I always recommend eating fruit with a snack as the fiber in it fills us for longer and also helps curb any sweet cravings.


1. Always try to eat dinner within 30 mins or 1 hour of reaching home. As that’s when our body is Screaming for Food and if we snack on something then, we end up having a late dinner —> which results in slow metabolism!

2. Try to eat between 400-500 calories (There are tons of online apps/personal gadgets that helps us count our calorie intake).

3. Dinner should have less starch and more of lean proteins and veggies.

4. Also, it should be consumed atleast 4 hours before we sleep, to give enough time for the foods to digest.


1. Snacking is fun (in control) and a great option if your meals are 3-4 hrs apart, always keep ‘ready-to-eat or grab-n-go snacks’ (100-200 calories) in your fridge/work desk/bag /car as this helps us from grabbing just about anything or everything when we are hungry. It also helps in portion control.

2. Some Healthy n Fun snacks can be raw/roasted nuts, fresh fruits, smoothies, healthy bars, protein bars, etc.

3. Try to eat small proportioned snacks as this will helps keep your metabolism going while you start your next meal.


Dessert/Late Night Snack:
1. Again, it’s a snack, so no more than 200 calories and can include 8-10 gms of sugar…I suggest eating fruit with some nut butter. The fiber + nut butter helps us feel full for longer.

2. Avoid caffeinated drinks at night, especially if you have trouble sleeping.


1. Try to include a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise in your daily routine. If you’re new to it and don’t have much time, just go for a quick walk or a jog.

2. If you exercise more, make sure to replenish those tired bones/muscles with the right proteins and energy.


1. One of the most important point as our bodies are 60% made of water and we need to keep replenishing it.

2. It is recommended to consume atleast 7-8 glasses of water everyday.

3. Water helps in keeping our brain function/muscles active and energized.

4. It helps keep the skin looking fresh and supple and also helps in digestion.


That’s all about my simple meal plan and healthy eating tips, however, I do recommend you check with your doctor before following any of the tips/tricks.

I would love to hear about your ‘Special Tip or Trick’ that keeps you Healthy and Energetic?

Just before we leave, here are some additional details about all the 8 ‘Ready Pac elevĀte salads:

  • Feature Clean Ingredients which are:
    • Anti-oxidant rich
    • High in omegas
    • Includes Plant-based proteins
    • 5 of the 8 are USDA Organico
    • 7 of the 8 are Gluten-Free
    • 3 include Antiobiotic-free chicken
    • 3 are vegetarian
    • 1 is 100% vegan
  • Are Sustainable:
    • Fully recyclable packaging
    • Printed with Soy-based inks
    • FSC Certified material

You can find it in Costco near the Fresh Produce Area, where all the packed salads are kept:


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Until next time – XoXo elevate-salad

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