Great News: First Interview

I’m so Happy, Excited n Thrilled to share with you that we just did our “first interview” with a cooking
website called “Gourmandize”.It so just happened few days back, I got this email for an interview but I thought maybe it’s a prank/spam and just tossed it out of my mind…..but again got a followup email from this really sweet lady……n then it dawned that it’s no joke/prank and it’s like real…..REAL 🙂.
Finally, the interview got done few days back and it actually got posted….(Goshh just couldnt believe it) !!!

So here I’m sharing with all my lovely people (Yes u’ll) the content of the interview.
And I wanted to say a “Big Thanks” to all of you as well, without whom all this blog n things wouldnt be possible.

So Keep your Love coming and Keep spreading EasyCookin :))

Link to the interview


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