Salted Cucumber Lassi – Yogurt Drink

Salted Cucumber Lassi – Yogurt Drink


Come summers and all you wanna do is have lots n lots of chilled shakes/drinks and the first thing that comes to my mind is a fresh n chilled “Lassi(Yogurt Drink)a  traditional drink from India, made from yogurt, water and sweet/salt. We do have many versions of lassi but my personal favorite is the salted lassi with some kind of flavor.

Here’s the recipe of “Chilled Salted Cucumber Lassi” which is extremely simple, equally delicious and needs two main ingredients which most of us have in our kitchen.
Also, Yogurt, Cucumber and Cumin are all cooling agents hence great for our digestion especially in summers. It’s also a great beverage for people who follow a low calorie diet (Just substitute with fat free yogurt)
Serves: 2
Serving Suggestion:Can be served as breakfast shake OR along with Lunch OR Dinner
Electric Hand Blender
Large Jar
2 Tall Glasses
1 Cup Plain Yogurt
2 Tbsp Cucumber – Chopped
½ Cup Ice Cubes
1 Tsp Salt
½ Tsp Cumin Powder
  1. Add yogurt, cucumber,
    salt in a large jar and blend on high for 2min (Till
    cucumber is completely dissolved).
  2. Now add ice-cubes and
    blend again till ice-cubes are crushed completely.
  3. Pour in tall glasses,
    sprinkle with cumin powder and serve chilled.


3 Replies to "Salted Cucumber Lassi - Yogurt Drink"

  • Bridget @ The Recipe Wench March 9, 2016 (1:49 pm)

    I just tried this today. I really hit the spot this afternoon. Even though it is a chilly day, it was still really good. I know it’ll be a favorite of mine this summer!

    • Molly Kumar March 11, 2016 (4:57 pm)

      Hi Bridget, thanks for trying my recipe and for your sweet message – I’m really happy to know, it became one of your favorite. Please do remember us and visit us for more recipes – Hugs, Molly

  • faseela June 26, 2012 (8:26 am)

    wow….super refreshing for this summer….

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