Quick Spicy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe (Easy and Lighter Version)

Quick Spicy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe (Easy and Lighter Version) This is a popular street style chow mien that has veggies, chicken, and eggs.

It’s lightly sauteed with noodles for that crisp and refreshing taste.spicy-schiuan-chowmein-recipe

Hi Everyone and I know I usually don’t post a recipe midweek, but this Quick Spicy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe (Easy and Lighter Version) is special!!

We are celebrating the Chinese New Year at a friend’s place and I’m taking my famous chicken chow mien.

Every year, we get together and celebrate Chinese New Year at one of our friend’s place, who is from China.

It’s such a fun and lovely celebrations with lots of food, wine, beer and tons of laughter.

All through my lovely friend cooks all the main Chinese dishes at home but as she loves my version of these Quick Spicy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe.


I have been cooking this particular version of the spicy chicken chow mien since ages and it impresses one and all.

It’s so simple to make and the only thing I do differently is to add extra veggies.

The ones you usually eat in Chinese dishes like carrot, scallion, onions, peppers, beans, chili and my secret ingredient for that spiciness – “Schezwan/Sichuan Sauce”.

Before, you ask, I make my own schezwan sauce which I’ve learned from my mom and here’s the recipe.

It’s this sauce, that gives this chow mein such a zing that it’s almost impossible to eat it just once, cause you’ll be craving it again and again.


This particular recipe is so famous in the Northern part of India, that you would find it in the biggest of the restaurant to the most common street shop.

And, I guess, if you’ve grown up studying in India, then it’s a staple of every student (school/college).

During my college days, it used to be a weekly treat with friends.

We used to hang out at this local restaurant where even the owner would start sending chow mien to our table without asking

– Yep, we loved it that much!

It was way too oily, way too spicy but gone are those days and I just cannot handle that much oil/spice anymore.

So, I created something that we could eat easily without thinking twice and hence the Spicy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe



Although I’m using the regular chow mein noodles / Hakka noodles, you can use wheat noodles too.

I usually use the same pot to cook the vegetables, chicken, and eggs and then finally sauteeing everything along with noodles to add that extra flavor to the final dish.

I also use less salt as the soy-sauce already has salt in it, so you may want to do the same.

Now, many people have complimented me on the noodles not sticking together or becoming clumpy – So here’s a TIP

How to AVOID Clumpy Noodles:: (stands true for any noodle recipe)

While boiling noodles add 1 tsp oil.

Once the noodles are boiled, sieve and drizzle another tsp of oil on them.

Place the noodle over ice and they’ll never stick together


So, I hope you get to try my Spicy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe soon and do let me know by tagging #easycookingwithmolly on any of the mentioned social media.


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To all my friends celebrating Chinese New Year ~ Gōnghè xīnnián


As always, I Looove when you try my recipes and send me pictures & feedback.

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Yields 4 Adults



Quick Spicy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe (Easy and Lighter)

5 minPrep Time

12 minCook Time

17 minTotal Time

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2 Cups Boiled Noodles

1 Onion - thinly sliced

1/2 Cup Carrots - thinly sliced

1/2 Cup beans - thinly sliced

1/2 Cup Capsicum - thinly sliced

1 Cup Boneless Chicken - cooked/boiled

3 Tbsp Scallions - for decoration

1 Tbsp Sesame Seed - for decoration

4 Tbsp Sesame Oil

2 Eggs - whisked


2 Tsp Schezwan Sauce - use as per taste

2 Tbsp Soy Sauce

1 Tbsp Vinegar

1 Tbsp Oyster Sauce - optional


  1. Heat a wok and add 1 tbsp oil.
  2. Add all the vegetables and saute on high flame for 3 minutes.
  3. Remove the sauteed vegetable.
  4. Add 1tsp oil to the same wok and add the whisked eggs.
  5. Saute and cook the eggs for 2 minutes (almost the shape of scramble)
  6. Remove the cooked eggs.
  7. In the same wok, add 1tbsp oil and saute the chicken for 3-4 minutes (till nicely browned).
  8. Now add all the sauces and salt, pepper and saute everything for a minute.
  9. Add the cooked vegetables, eggs and saute everything for 2 minutes (medium heat).
  10. Finally, add the cooked chow mein and saute everything for 2 minutes.
  11. Turn off the heat and transfer the chow mein to serving dish.
  12. Sprinkle with scallion and sesame seeds.
  13. Serve hot.


Main Course



194 cal


19 g


5 g


3 g
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  • Ana Ojha January 31, 2017 (6:49 pm)
    Your Spicy Chicken Chow Mein looks incredibly delicious and colorful. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Can't wait to try!
  • Samantha January 28, 2017 (3:47 am)
    This looks so yummy and easy to make! This might be dinner tomorrow.
  • Amrita January 27, 2017 (6:25 pm)
    This had me licking my lips and feeling hungry instantly.Going to make it tomorrow. Just need scallions.
  • Valerie January 27, 2017 (1:29 pm)
    I always forget about making Chow Mein. It's so easy to make and so flavorful. I'm going to add this to my list. Thank you my friend.
  • Crissy January 27, 2017 (7:04 am)
    This looks so delicious! I am always looking for a good chow mein recipe and I love that this is an easier and lighter version! Anything that is easy to cook is up my alley so thanks for sharing! Crissy www.whimsicalfawn.com
  • Rashida January 26, 2017 (11:05 pm)
    I was JUST looking for an easy noodle recipe this week! I'm not a great cook but this seems easy enough. Pinned so I can revisit later & try it out :)
    • Molly Kumar January 27, 2017 (8:14 pm)
      I look forward to you trying it, it's a really simple n quick recipe :)
  • LC @ A Life of Authenticity January 26, 2017 (10:26 pm)
    That looks so good!! I will definitely try it. Thanks for the recipe.
  • Saidah January 26, 2017 (9:39 pm)
    I'm a huge fan of chow mein and lo mein yet have no idea what the difference is. Your recipe turned out deliciously.
  • Anna January 26, 2017 (4:23 pm)
    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am gonna give this a try. I have not made Chow Mein, I appreciate you sharing this recipe.
  • Radhika Mundra January 26, 2017 (3:48 pm)
    Vegan here. Looks like a great recipe, my friend could use it. Thanks for sharing.
  • Rose January 26, 2017 (1:18 pm)
    This looks good. I have never made chow mein before. I would skip the spicy part. Are these regular noodles or special ones?
    • Molly Kumar January 26, 2017 (4:26 pm)
      Thanks Rose and you can use any kind of noodles with these. I've used regular noodles.
  • Beth January 26, 2017 (12:32 pm)
    I love chicken as long as it's not too spicy! I hope that this recipe isn't too hot and spicy or I'll definitely try it. Otherwise, it sounds wonderful! Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com
    • Molly Kumar January 26, 2017 (4:28 pm)
      The recipe can be adjusted as per our taste and you can even skip the spicy ingredient. Hope you try it soon :)
  • Amber Myers January 26, 2017 (12:21 pm)
    This looks so delicious! I'm all about spicy foods so I know I'd love this one. I'm pinning for later!

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