Top 7 Healthy Foods Causing Heartburn

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Top 7 Healthy Foods Causing Heartburn: We are discussing top 7 good for you – healthy food that causes heartburn & how to prevent it using simple steps along with the NEW Sugar-Free TUMS Melon Berry.

Top 7 Healthy Foods Causing Heartburn

Ever wondered ‘WHY You Suddenly Feel Uneasy / Start Belching or Your Tummy Hurt’ even after consuming an extremely healthy/ ‘good for you’ diet?

The answer is Heartburns/Acid Reflux and no matter when you eat or how less you eat, the symptom keeps continuing.

And the most astonishing fact is that it gets triggered even when you are eating healthy stuff.

What is Heartburn or Acid Reflux & How did you get it?

In plain words, it’s a sudden burning or painful sensation in your lower chest area, especially after you have consumed anything (food or drink).

It also gets triggered if you’ve not eaten for long.

It’s when your stomach acid escapes into the esophagus, the tube that delivers food to your stomach.

Also, Heartburn is a symptom of Acid Reflux.

I do suffer from heartburn sometimes and the easiest way for a fast relief for me is using TUMS.

It starts working in seconds after consumption and is also #1 Pharmacists recommended an antacid brand.

On my recent visit to Target, I was extremely happy to come across the NEW Sugar-Free TUMS Melon Berry.

I was almost out of TUMS at home/my bag, so I bought 2 of these.

One would be kept at home and one goes in my purse.

It’s one of the essential items in my bag and I never step out without it.

Now coming back to our discussion regarding heartburn, you’d be surprised to know that certain healthy food that we consume on a daily basis can result in heartburn.

Today, I’m going to list Top 7 Healthy Foods Causing Heartburn:


1– Citrus Juice & Tomatoes: This is a sure shot heartburn trigger for me if consumed on an empty stomach.

For many years I used to wonder why I get that uneasy feeling after consuming fresh orange juice/lemonades/etc and the reason is:

 ‘They are highly acidic and trigger Heartburn’.



2– Avocados: This extremely delicious and healthy fruit is high on fat and thus triggers a hormone release that in turn triggers acid reflux or heartburn.


3– Chocolate: Even a tiny bit of that soooo good dark chocolate can also result in heartburn.

Actually, chocolate has both coffee and cocoa, that stimulates our system and cause acid reflux.



4– Green Tea: it contains caffeine that can lead to heartburn at times.


5– Onions: this one was quite a shocker for me as we used to use it in almost all our recipes. Onions, especially the raw ones, contains a fermentable fiber that results in acid reflux.


6– Full Fat Yogurt & Milk: again an ingredient that I used to consume daily but it resulted in instant heartburn for me (especially empty stomach).

Full fat is usually a mix of sugar, fat and calcium which takes longer to digest, resulting in belching or heartburn.


7– Mint / Peppermint: They lower pressure on our food pipe hence, triggers acid to rise in the system while digestion.

Now that you know these Top 7 Healthy Foods Causing Heartburn, I’d recommend just keeping a tab of what you eat and how much you eat.

It’s always great to know of food/ingredients that trigger a certain reaction so that we can consume it accordingly.

But a lot of these heartburn symptoms changed for me after taking TUMS.

Now I’m so excited to use the NEW Sugar-Free TUMS Melon Berry as you get all the extra-strength power of TUMS, without the sugar.

That way, it helps me maintain a healthier lifestyle and I get to enjoy all my healthy food too (in moderation).



I bought the NEW Sugar-Free TUMS Melon Berry from Target, however, it is available in other stores like Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and Amazon.


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Remember these ‘Top 7 Healthy Foods Causing Heartburn‘ and take control of your health and lifestyle.

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