Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Granola

Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Granola: A perfect spring breakfast of juicy grilled peaches served with a dollop of yogurt, granola and drizzled with honey. It can be served as a quick snack too.


Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Granola

Spring is almost here (except few showers here and there) and I just can’t get over these Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Granola which I’ve also termed as our Favorite springtime breakfast.

I can’t stress enough on the benefits of eating a healthy and regular breakfast but I never said it needs to be boring or time-consuming to make one.

For me or I would say many of my friends, any meal done within 10 minutes and I’m talking delicious meals, is a BIG WIN !!!

It definitely becomes our house favorite and the recipe definitely get passed around.

And these Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Granola are done in 10 minutes and serve 4 people – Now beat that πŸ˜‰


For me ‘Peaches’ screams spring and just gives me that happy feeling of mild sunny days with a cool breeze and green grass…just the mere thought brings a smile to my face.

And when we recently went to our local farmers market, I came across this local vendor who was selling fresh peaches and nectarines.

So we bought a whole crate of peaches (they looked so fresh, aromatic and how could you leave them)!!

Which I realized was too much when I tried fitting them in our fridge….it seriously looked very peachy, lol.

Don’t worry, I did distribute some and the first thing that I made were these grilled peaches.

grilled-peaches-breakfast-recipeNow, grilling fruits is a completely new concept for me as we hardly used to grill any fruits in India apart from tomato and pineapple. S

o, I’m totally loving this new found culinary skill (since past 2-3 yrs) and if this is the first time you’re grilling a fruit, you’re in for a very delicious surprise.

Grilling a fruit simply adds this extra layer of smokiness along with slightly caramelized taste to the already sweet flavor, which is more or less umami…..

I don’t think I can do justice with words but you should try it for yourself.healthy-spring-breakfast

These were some really ripe peaches, so the moment they were grilled, they had this sweet smokey fragrance going on.

It is so yum that you may want to just eat them as is but hang in there for 2-3 more minutes.

Add the mentioned topping of yogurt, honey, some mint leaves and a sprinkle of cinnamon – now if you taste all these flavors together…

I can guarantee you’d be in a very awesome place …. like sweet heaven why haven’t you ever tried them like this before.

Trust me, it’s like eating dessert for breakfast and it is totally healthy πŸ™‚


So, go ahead and get those fresh peaches from your local farmers market or other store and make these Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Granola.

I guarantee you would absolutely fall in love with in the first bite.

That grilled smokey warm peaches with cold yogurt is like made for each other.


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Yield: 4 Adults

Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Granola (Healthy Breakfast)

Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Granola (Healthy Breakfast)

Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Granola: A perfect spring breakfast of juicy grilled peaches served with a dollop of yogurt, granola and drizzled with honey.Β It can be served as a quick snack too.Β 

Prep Time 6 minutes
Cook Time 4 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 4 Fresh Ripe Peaches - Halved and stone removed
  • 1 Tsp Olive Oil
  • 1 Cup Yogurt - whipped - you may use vegan or flavored yogurt as well
  • 1/2 Cup Granola - you can use glutenfree option too
  • 2 Tbsp Honey - slightly warm
  • 4-5 Mint Leaves (optional)
  • 1/4 Tsp Cinnamon - optional


  1. Heat a grill (outdoor or a stovetop grill).
  2. Dip a brush in olive oil and brush both sides of the peaches with oil.
  3. Place the peaches face down on the grill (medium flame).
  4. Let them grill for a minutes (keep an eye on flame).
  5. Turn the peaches to another side and grill the peel side down for another minute.
  6. Once, both sides are grilled, remove the peaches to a serving plate.
  7. Dollop the peach (face up) with 2 tbsp of yogurt.
  8. Add a tbsp of granola on side or top.
  9. Drizzle with honey and place a mint leave on top.
  10. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon.
  11. Similarly complete all the grilled peaches and serve fresh.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 254Total Fat: 7gSaturated Fat: 2gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 5gCholesterol: 6mgSodium: 78mgCarbohydrates: 42gFiber: 5gSugar: 33gProtein: 9g


30 Replies to "Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Granola"

  • Julia March 22, 2017 (2:07 pm)

    Not only this breakfast is healthy, but it’s also delicious and, oh, so gorgeous! Would be great not just as breakfast but as a dessert as well!

  • Kathryn @ FoodieGirlChicago March 22, 2017 (11:36 am)

    Grilled peaches are so delicious, however I’ve never thought of them for breakfast. Brilliant idea!

  • Christine - Jar Of Lemons March 21, 2017 (9:49 pm)

    Such a great idea for spring and summer! I’ve seen this a lot with ice cream, but love that this recipe uses yogurt and granola. Lightened up and still delicious!

  • Tanya March 21, 2017 (5:08 pm)

    What a beautiful breakfast!!! I’ve been eating a ton of yougurt for breakfast so I look forward to trying it with something new. Also, your spoons are the cutest!

  • Gillian Thompson March 21, 2017 (1:10 pm)

    I’ve baked peaches before but never thought of using the grill. Sound wonderful, this recipe reminds me of my mother. She always used to bake peaches and pears for our desserts. Can’t wait to start buying or picking lovely fresh orchard fruits again.

  • Priya Srinivasan March 21, 2017 (12:00 pm)

    oh yumm!!! i once did apricots the same way, totally yumm!!! i m definitely trying with peaches too!!!! they look gorgeous!!!

  • Amy March 21, 2017 (4:34 am)

    I have never, ever grilled peaches before but I have always wanted to give it a try! And for breakfast – YUM! That’s it – I’m doing this. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Adriana Lopez Martn March 21, 2017 (2:36 am)

    I’m a lover of grilling and do grill a lot of fruits including peaches. In my area peach season has not started but when it does I will try yoru version. This recipe looks fantastic.

  • Claire March 20, 2017 (11:52 pm)

    What a fabulous breakfast idea!! It looks so decadent. It would be perfect for valentines day or a birthday breakfast!!!
    I especially love the crunch of the granola. It just sounds a perfect mix of flavours and textures!

  • Veena Azmanov March 20, 2017 (9:15 pm)

    Oh I love grilled peaches but I’ve never had them with yogurt and Granola. I do add peaches to my breakfast bowl now I must try grilling them. Oh sounds so yum. Anything grilled becomes so delish.

    • Molly Kumar March 20, 2017 (11:23 pm)

      So True, grilling food brings out so much of flavor and juices. I’m so happy you liked the combination and do try it soon πŸ™‚

  • Dene' V. Alexander March 20, 2017 (9:03 pm)

    Peaches are my absolute favorite and these look delicious, but I can’t help but notice your gorgeous utensils and plates!! Pretttyyyyyy!!!

  • Stephanie@ApplesforCJ March 20, 2017 (8:50 pm)

    This looks delicious. Love the idea of grilling peaches which I’ve never tried. And the addition of yogurt and mint sounds great πŸ™‚ Need to try this.

  • Pam Wattenbarger March 20, 2017 (7:41 pm)

    I love grilled peaches. They taste great and they’re way healthier than most desserts you can make. They just remind me of summer.

  • Marisa Franca @ All Our Way March 20, 2017 (6:36 pm)

    What a great breakfast and it would be guilt free. I do love the taste of grilled fruit, it gives them a deeper flavor. I like how you added the yogurt for the protein and smoothness and the granola for the crunch. Can’t wait to pick up some peaches.

  • Byron Thomas March 20, 2017 (5:40 pm)

    Oh my Lord, Molly! You are like my Fairy Food Mother! I love, love, love grilled peaches. I cannot wait to spark up my grill to try them with honey and yogurt!

    • Molly Kumar March 20, 2017 (11:20 pm)

      Hahahhahha & I wish we could grill together as your food is some of my fav too πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you liked this version of the grilled peaches

  • Kelly @ Trial and Eater March 20, 2017 (5:39 pm)

    Peaches, granola, honey – I love all these things! I’ve baked them before with honey and brie, but I have to add this idea to the list!

    • Molly Kumar March 20, 2017 (11:21 pm)

      Isnt the trio such an awesome combination !! I love baked peaches, grilled, sauteed…you name it and I’m ready πŸ˜‰

  • Amy Katz from Veggies Save The Day March 20, 2017 (5:24 pm)

    You had me at “Grilled Peaches”! I can imagine how delicious they taste. My mouth is watering!

    • Molly Kumar March 20, 2017 (11:22 pm)

      Thanks Amy and I’m glad you liked the recipe.

  • Noel Lizotte March 20, 2017 (4:33 pm)

    Such a decadent looking breakfast! I’m thinking this is perfect for the Easter Brunch!!
    What a delicious topping – cream and honey on the sweet peaches.

  • Megan Marlowe March 20, 2017 (4:18 pm)

    I love grilling peaches and then nestling a big scoop of vanilla ice cream in there. Nothing is better to me that hot and cold when it comes to desserts. I also love that you used yogurt and topped with granola for a delicious crunch. I cannot wait til peaches are in season around here but I’ve got a long time to go πŸ™

  • Nicoletta @sugarlovespices March 20, 2017 (4:16 pm)

    This is a beautiful idea that I would definitely have for breakfast or as a delicious dessert! I’ll wait for fresh peaches and I’ll sure try it!

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