Coconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Cups – Vegan and Glutenfree

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Coconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Cups (Vegan & Glutenfree) : A delicious layered frozen treat that is absolutely stunning and leaves you craving for more. Easy to prepare and can be mixed with any fruit combination of choice. coconut-strawberry-frozen-dessert

Can we please declare ‘Frozen Treats’ as the OFFICIAL Food for Summers?

Seriously these Coconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Cups – Vegan and Glutenfree are doubling as frozen treats and breakfast cups on hot sunny days for us.

On our quest for making a delicious and quick frozen treat for a weekend get together (for vegan + glutenfree friends and family), we came across ‘So Delicious Dairy Free®’ Frozen Treats at our local Walmart.

OMG, they had so many options to choose from and we finally bought:

  • Cashew Milk Salted Caramel Cluster (for him and me)
  • Coconut Milk Simply Strawberry (All for me 😉 )


As soon as we reached home, we gave them a taste and they were super yummmm and they have No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and No high-fructose corn syrup…BINGO!  They are even Certified Vegan and Non-GMO Project Verified, so with all this goodness, they are committed to doing the right things for people and the planet.

We could have served them right out of the carton, however, I decided to make Dessert Cups using them as a base, coconut milk and adding few toppings.

TheCoconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Cups are so easy to make, just use a muffin tin or silicone muffin holders and keep adding layers of the frozen treat, whisked coconut milk and top with fresh strawberries, coconut flakes, and powdered almonds.

Seriously, I told you they are so easy, Infact no cooking at all. Just layer, freeze and enjoy !


We also drizzled some chocolate – coconut sauce on a couple of them (made using some leftover coconut milk + dark cocoa powder) and you won’t believe everyone went NUTS over them, including a lot of us who were ‘Oh so stuffed to have another morsel of food’ ….Lolz !!!

Well, I thought I made tons of these Coconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Cups but they were all gone and some even devoured 2-3 of them, so no extras for us for a late night munch… Ohhhh, But we do have a half tub of te Cashew Milk Salted Caramel Cluster waiting 🙂


This is exactly ‘HOW’ I had served them, on a long dessert tray with fresh fruits, coconut and almonds sprinkled all over. They made such an impact, that I already have a request for another gathering at our place just for these dessert cups.

So I really really hope, you do get to try these ‘ So Delicious Dairy Free® ‘ as they make a perfect dairy-free frozen dessert for the warm weather!

Here’s a pictorial of what you need & how we made these dessert cups:

coconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Cups Vegan Glutenfree



You can find So Delicious Dairy Free® in the Frozen Aisle in Walmart (Picture Below):


Coconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Vegan Glutenfree


Want to know more about So Delicious Dairy Free® , then visit them -> Here  & for more delectable treat options, click ->Here

Tried Our Recipe – AWESOME!!!

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Coconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Cups (V+GF) : #ad #DairyFree4All #cbias @walmart #vegan #glutenfree #dessert


Yield: 6

Coconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Cups - Vegan and Glutenfree

Coconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Cups - Vegan and Glutenfree
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes


  • 2 Cups So Delicious Coconut Milk Simply Strawberry - at room temperature
  • 1 Cup Coconut Milk - chilled for 2-3 hours or overnight
  • 1 Cup Whole Almond
  • 1 Tbsp Flax Seed Powder - optional
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut Flakes - optional
  • 6 Fresh Strawberry - for decoration
  • Spray or Butter - for lining the muffin tin pan


  1. Add the almonds to a food processor and pulse onto a powder/meal.
  2. Remove from food processor and keep aside.
  3. Take a buttered or sprayed muffin tin pan (I'm using 6 muffin holder).
  4. Add 2 Tbsp of almond powder to each muffin cup and press evenly to form a smooth layer.
  5. Whisk the coconut milk to form soft peaks.
  6. Add 1 Tbsp of whisked coconut milk and spread evenly.
  7. Add 2 Tbsp of So Delicious Coconut Milk Simply Strawberry and spread evenly.
  8. Top with 1 Tbsp of whisked coconut milk and spread evenly.
  9. Cover the muffin tray with cling wrap to prevent any air.
  10. Place in freezer for 1-2 hours.
  11. Once frozen, remove from freezer, decorate with the strawberry on top, sprinkle some coconut flakes and almond powder.
  12. Serve immediately and Enjoy

Until Next Time ~ XoXo

33 Replies to "Coconut Strawberry Frozen Dessert Cups - Vegan and Glutenfree"

  • comment-avatar
    Anjali @ Vegetarian Gastronomy August 23, 2016 (3:43 pm)

    Love this brand ice cream, and love how easy and simple this is to make! Cococnut and strawberries are awesome together!

  • comment-avatar
    The Vegan 8 August 22, 2016 (7:23 am)

    I love the So Delicious cashew ice creams so much, these look adorable!

  • comment-avatar
    Mel | August 21, 2016 (3:17 am)

    I will quite happily declare frozen treats as the official food for summer! I could eat these all summer long!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 21, 2016 (9:00 am)

      Hahahhaha, Thanks Mel – Cheers to Summer Frozen Treats !!!

  • comment-avatar
    Amy Katz from Veggies Save The Day August 19, 2016 (5:43 pm)

    I love the cashew so delicious! I can’t wait to try your dessert!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 21, 2016 (8:25 pm)

      YaaaY – I’m so glad you’re going to try it. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine August 19, 2016 (5:26 pm)

    What a nice easy treat! Perfect for after school snacking!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 21, 2016 (7:15 pm)

      Yeh they make a perfect snack options. Thanks Rebecca.

  • comment-avatar
    Rosey August 19, 2016 (5:08 pm)

    Sounds good. I love that it is frozen because lemme tell ya, it’s hawr out there.

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 19, 2016 (5:17 pm)

      Hey Thanks Rosey. It sure was HOT the entire week here as well.

  • comment-avatar
    Berlin August 18, 2016 (1:32 am)

    Wow. Strawberry and coconut in one dessert is quite interesting.

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 19, 2016 (5:12 pm)

      Thanks Berlin, It sure does make a delicious combination 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Sylvia J August 17, 2016 (11:50 pm)

    Wow! This is really looking good! I’m really glad that is a gluten free! I’ll have to try this and I’m sure my friends would love it too.

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 19, 2016 (5:32 pm)

      That would be great – Thanks for visiting Sylvia.

  • comment-avatar
    Lucy August 17, 2016 (9:57 am)

    This dessert has my name written all over it! I can never stop in front of a carton of ice cream, so I need individual portions 🙂 Love all the flavors here–coconut and strawberry. Yum! I will be making this ASAP for sure!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 19, 2016 (5:48 pm)

      HEhehhehe and I thought ONLY I was like that – Gotta Get Frozen Desserts Every Time 😉 Thanks Lucy.

  • comment-avatar
    Ali @ Home & Plate August 17, 2016 (9:42 am)

    No guilt eating these. I think I could get what I need eating these for breakfast. Almonds, flax and coconut milk. This sounds heavenly to enjoy all day long.

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 21, 2016 (8:30 pm)

      Absolutely, they are Guiltless 🙂 Thanks Ali

  • comment-avatar
    Kate August 17, 2016 (9:12 am)

    I love how you’ve made this frozen dessert so special with all the yummy extras!

  • comment-avatar
    Igor @ Cooking The Globe August 17, 2016 (8:41 am)

    These little treats look fantastic. I am a fan of strawberries, so they are right up my alley. Thanks for the idea!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 21, 2016 (7:15 pm)

      You must give them a try soon then 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

  • comment-avatar
    swayam August 17, 2016 (5:54 am)

    This is so awesome Molly!! I am having a thing with coconut at the moment..Mom sent me about 10 from our family garden and I cant wait to make more things using them. This sounds incredible!!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 21, 2016 (8:27 pm)

      10 Coconut Sounds AWESOME n Mom’s are the BEST !!! You gotta try this soon, its super yum – Hugs, Molly

  • comment-avatar
    Elizabeth O. August 16, 2016 (9:33 pm)

    You had me at strawberry! It’s one of my favorite fruits and to have it during the summer is just delightful! These dessert cups look heavenly and I wouldn’t mind giving it a try! I’m sure the kids will love it too.

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 24, 2016 (4:15 am)

      Thanks Elizabeth. They sure make a delicious treat to enjoy with the whole family.

  • comment-avatar
    RC August 16, 2016 (9:05 pm)

    The frozen or ice cream section normally takes up so much of my time whenever I do my groceries. There are just too many choices. Funny thing is the items bought there are always the ones that get eaten first. Love your photos. So creative.

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 21, 2016 (8:37 pm)

      Thanks RC. It’s the story of my life too…I spend so much time in the frozen treats section n they always run out first ;). Glad you liked the recipe and pics.

  • comment-avatar
    Carol Cassara August 16, 2016 (3:55 pm)

    I am always amazed at the number of things gluten-free eaters can enjoy. This looks terrific!

  • comment-avatar
    Annemarie LeBlanc August 16, 2016 (2:44 pm)

    Awesome! I am sure this would be so delicious! I’ve never tried coconut milk and strawberries together but I guess this would be a great combination. I will try to make these following your recipe. Hope it turns out successful!

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