Connect with Loved Ones – Even On the Go

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re having a great week. My recipes post will be coming soon but Today I actually wanted to talk to you about this ‘New Calling Feature from Comcast® Voice Unlimited Unlimited’.

Connect with Loved Ones

I almost jumped on it the moment I heard the name and details and it sounds like a great plan.

For many of you (like me) living so far away from loved one’s (parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives and our close friends),  that sometimes you really wish there was a magic connection and you can talk to them anytime without worrying about finishing that ‘call time or spending too much money’.

Something that is cost-effective, gives me unlimited call-time, has great voice quality and can be used from home or on the go. As many of my recipes are traditional  Indian recipes, which I’ve grown up eating and obviously, when I want to cook them, I always wanna call my mom.

It’s like I want her to be with me during the entire process and ‘XFINITY Voice Unlimited’ actually makes that happen. It gives you unlimited calling to many countries like India/Canada/China/Mexico/Singapore and many many more countries.

So you can, not only call your family/friends in India but almost anyone in half of the world. I mean, I still remember, when I moved to the USA, calling India every day or often in a week was almost a luxury but then there was always the hassle or calling card and a longer process.

How many times, I’ve missed on special occasions like birthday / weddings / festivals, just because my card was finished and I couldn’t make a call. But with XFINITY, that problem is all taken care of, as you can call anytime to a landline.



I’m particularly excited about using XFINITY, as we are approaching one of our biggest festival – Holi (festival of color) and this would be a perfect time to call my parents.

It’s festival’s like these, when you want to call your friends/relatives, talk about some golden days and create new memories to treasure (without worrying about calling minutes getting over).

So, Don’t wait for long and take advantage of XFINITY ‘On-Site Activations‘ of the product at the following places in Bay Area:

  • Bharat Bazar (Fremont, CA) from Feb 29 to Mar 03 (between 5pm to 8pm).
  • Great Mall (Milpitas, CA) from Mar 4 to Mar 06 (between 5pm to 8pm).



One of the Pre-Holi Celebrations with Friends

Definitely, go visit them and check the ‘ XFINITY Voice Kiosk’ and give a surprise call to your parents/grandparent and see them smile ear to ear 🙂

*** This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of the South Asian Bloggers Network for Comcast XFINITY. I have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own ***


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