Sauteed Red Bell Pepper with Boiled Eggs

Sauteed Red Bell Pepper
Sauteed Red Bell Pepper with Boiled Eggs over Quinoa

Hey Everyone, What a weekend it was here in California…..After a whole week of mist/fog and mostly gloomy week weather, we were greeted with a happy n bursting sunlight, just the perfect setting to meet-up with friends and after a long time got to spend the rest of the sunday lazying in pajama’s and watching Oscars in the evening…it was just a wonderful relaxed feeling…..and definitely wanted to keep the meal quick but tasty (As Taste Rule’s in our house)

Now, I usually keep hard boiled eggs (4-5) in the fridge for a quick snack and with that, this recipe was an easy peasy choice “Sauteed Red Bell Pepper with Eggs” and served with quinoa in individual bowls.

As it’s one of my favorite I made extra to eat just as snacks or meal later during the week. I usually cook this recipe with little vinegar and sugar as it helps onions caramelize which adds to the flavor of this dish and serving it with eggs just makes it a complete filling meal. I hope you make it soon 🙂

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Red Bell Peppers with Boiled Eggs

Boiled Eggs
Sauteed Red Bell Pepper with Boiled Eggs

Serves: 2 People
Serving Suggestion: Serve Hot with Quinoa/Rice
/ Bread / Pasta or Glutenfree Grains
Pot with lid – For Boiling the Eggs
Pan – For cooking the peppers
Paper Napkin/Towel – To place the
cooked and shelled eggs
Serving Dish
4 Large Eggs – Clean (If you see
any grit or grime on eggs, please wash them before boiling)
1 Cup Red Bell Pepper – Thickly
½ Cup Sliced Onion – Thin or Thickly
sliced as per choice
¼ Cup Diced Tomato – I’m using
canned diced tomatoes, you may use fresh or frozen as per choice
1 Tbsp White Vinegar – Optional
¼ Tsp Sugar – Optional
3 Tbsp Olive Oil – For Sautéing
¼  Tsp Black Pepper Powder
1 Tsp Salt (As per your taste)
  • Place eggs in a medium
    pot, cover it with cold water to about an inch and boil on high flame.
  • After the first boil,
    turn off the heat, cover the pot with the lid and let the eggs cook in hot water
    (This recipe calls for a nice hard boiled
    eggs, hence I’m keeping it for 15minutes.)
  • Add olive oil in a large
    pan and heat on high for a minute.
  • Add sliced onions and sauté
    for 2mins (Till golden brown).
  • Now add, diced tomatoes,
    vinegar, sugar and seasoning, mix everything evenly and sauté for 3mins (Till the tomatoes cook a little)
  • Add, sliced red bell
    pepper, cook for 3mins (Keep sautéing
    every minute)
  • By the time bell peppers
    are cooking, peel the hard boiled eggs.
  • Now, place peeled eggs
    in sautéed mixture and gently swirl the mixture with eggs (Please be careful, not to break the eggs)
  • Turn off the heat, place
    in serving dish or in individual bowl.
  • Serve Hot.

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