Back to School Lunch Ideas – (Part 1 – World Recipes)

Back to School Lunch Ideas : this is Part 1 and consist of World Recipes 

Monday “Aug 25, 2014”, started with a  !!BANG!! for many parents and kid’s in our local school district as the 2 to 3 months of school holidays have finally come to an end(Or almost ending for some).back to school recipes

The sudden surge we had been seeing the entire past few weeks at malls/playgrounds/camps/pools/restaurants/beaches

and most places with last minute activities and shopping’s has all come to an end or gone back to the regular pace.


And we saw lots of “Happy / Excited / Anxious Faces” wearing their new uniforms, clutching on to their bags on their first day to school to meet new friends, learn new things and just have a great time.


Among all this excitement and happiness, I also heard lot of my friends/family/kids or their known people contemplating what to pack/take for “School Lunches” !


And as a child, I could remember my first day to new school/classes, our lunch break was the time where we formed friendships over food

OR to lot of kids a home-made lunch, is the only thing that gives them comfort at new surroundings.


I mean you can definitely give them lunch money to buy from school, but how many of parents would really want to do that and see their kid’s eating the same stuff again n again !!!


So I thought, Why not make a list of  “Back to School – Lunch Ideas” at one place for all of you.

There are different ideas/recipes depending on preferences, tastes, needs and availability of ingredients & time.

I’ve gone through all the links below and they are awesome, infact some of them were tempting enough for adults as well.


* I’m also compiling a list of my own recipes for “Kid’s Lunch/Lunch-Box Ideas”.

It would have a mix of Indian vegetarian to non-vegetarian recipes and also couple of “Toddler Recipes”.


Also, Here’s Back 2 School – Indian Recipes (Part 2)




Also, Here’s Back to School Healthy Lunch Ideas



 this post as I would be ADDING MORE LINKS DURING THIS ENTIRE WEEK: (The Vegetarian/Vegan Option’s are listed Separately)

*If you don’t want to add meat to any recipe, it can be replaced with Boiled Potatoes / Tofu

  1.  Buzzfeed: 27 Lunch Idea’s – Meal Preps for Parents
  2. Food.Com: 32 Back-to-School Lunchbox Ideas
  3. Vegetarian Time: A+ Healthy Lunch Box Hits
  4. Food Network: 15 Kid-Approved Lunches
  5. tiny portions-Good for very young kids): Healthy School Lunches & Snacks
  6. (Celebrity Chef Ideas): Lunch for a Month!
  7. (All Sandwiches): Lunch box Sandwich recipes **New
  8. (Bento Box Ideas): Bento Box Lunch Ideas ** New
  9. Kraft Recipes: Kid’s friend lunch options: Sandwiches, Wraps, Salad ** New
  10. VEGAN Lunch Box Ideas ** New
Here’s an interesting article that I came across and thought you’ll might like reading / browse pics::  “Taste Of School Lunches Around World
*Happy Cooking and See the Smile Turn ON Your Child’s Face*

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