Baked Chocolate-Walnut Ravioli

Baked Chocolate-Walnut Ravioli : Easy 10min dessert including the prep+cook time…..What can be better than a warm chocolate -walnut filled ravioli on a cold evening šŸ™‚
Baked Chocolate-Walnut RavioliMost of the ravioli recipes called for it to be fried but I wanted to skip the fried ones.These baked one’s are fantastic & super quick. Serves: 4Serving Suggestion: Can be served as dessert or mini appetizers.  Tools:
1 Large baking tray ā€“ Lined with foil

1 Small Bowl
1 Serving Dish/Plate

1 Tablespoon 

16 Wonton/Spring Roll Wrappers ā€“ Easily available in most grocery stores
Ā½ Cup Chocolate Spread ā€“ Iā€™m using Nutella, you may use any thick
spread of your choice
Ā¼ Cup Walnuts ā€“ Thinly sliced
Ā¼ Cup Milk ā€“ For lining the wonton wrappers
Ā¼ Cup Confectioner Sugar ā€“ For dusting the ravioli
1-2 Strawberry ā€“ For decoration
4 Tbsp Chocolate Sauce – For decoartion
Vegetable Cooking Spray


Prep Work: Preheat oven to 300F (150c)  

  • In a small bowl, mix nutella and walnuts together.
  • Take one wonton wrapper, brush the edges with milk and now place Ā½ tbsp of chocolate spread in the
    center of it.
  • Fold the wrapper in the shape of a triangle, making sure all edges are sealed properly.
  • Follow the step till all wrappers are filled and folded.
  • Take a foil lined baking tray, oil it nicely using a vegetable spray.
  • Place the filled wrappers (giving some space between each). Iā€™m placing 10 of them at a time.
  • Brush the wrappers lightly with milk and bake for 5min or till they become golden brown. (Keep an eye on them as they burn real quick)
  • Place the baked chocolate filled ravioli in a serving dish/plate, dust them with sugar, pour some chocolate sauce and place sliced strawberry on the center.
  • Serve Hot.

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