Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie – Refreshing and Quick 





Serves: 2

Serving Suggestion: Serve Chilled n Fresh
Electric Mixer
½ Cup Strawberries –
Fresh or Frozen
¼ Cup Water
¼ Cup Yogurt – (I’m using fat free yogurt)
½ Cup Ice
1 Tbsp Sweetener – (You may use sugar instead of sweetener)
  1. Mix all the mentioned
    ingredients  in an electric blender and
    blend/pulse on high till ice is completely churned into a slushy and everything
    is completely mixed.
  2. Serve Chilled.

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  • svg July 1, 2012 (11:00 am)

    i started drinking smoothies a week ago. My skin improved after 2 days! Everyone should drink them, I feel like a have more energie than ever.

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