Buttery Lemon Shrimp with Riced Cauliflower Cilantro Lime

Buttery Lemon Shrimp with Riced Cauliflower Cilantro Lime: sautéed shrimp in buttery
lemon sauce served with Green Giant®  Riced Veggie Blends – Cilantro Lime for a
refreshing and easy meal anytime. 

Buttery Lemon Shrimp Recipe

What’s your favorite part of the day?

Mine is having a delicious meal with loved ones in the comfort of our home with lots of love and laughter AND extra points when the meal is super easy & yummy!!!

And thisButtery Lemon Shrimp’ is one such recipe made using simple ingredients and served with Green Giant®  Riced Veggie Blends – Cilantro Lime for a quick meal. 

Now, I’m a huge fan of Green Giant® products as they are not only easy to find in most grocery stores but you also get a wide variety of flavors to choose from. 

I especially love their newly launched Green Giant® Riced Veggie Blends, which are super easy sides that go with almost all kinds of entrees be it meat/ veggies or national/international recipes.

Some of their new flavors that got me super excited are:

Green Giant®  Riced Veggie Blends – Cilantro Lime

Green Giant® Riced Veggie Blends -Broccoli Cheddar

Green Giant® Riced Veggie Blends- Parmesan Garlic

And I got a couple of bags and already stocked my freezer with them for a delicious convenient meal anytime.


Ingredients for Buttery Lemon Shrimp:

 As mentioned it’s made using simple, everyday ingredients like:

  • Shrimp – I’m using fresh cleaned raw shrimp 
  • Lemon – juiced
  • Butter – I’m using full-fat butter but any light salted butter can be used as per your taste.
  • Olive Oil
  • Spices – salt, chili powder, garlic powder
  • Corn Flour – optional & used for extra crispy shrimp texture
  • Green Giant®  Riced Veggie Blends – Cilantro Lime


How to make Butter Lemon Shrimp:

The recipe can be divided into two parts:

Cooking the Shrimp:

We start by adding the spices + cornflour to the washed dried raw shrimp.

Then mix everything evenly using a fork or hands. (wash hands carefully every time you touch meat/seafood).


Then heat half butter + oil quantity in a non-stick pan or heavy bottom pan. We add some olive oil in the butter to help it heat evenly and not burn.

Add the coated shrimp and sauté unless crispy on both sides. 

Remove the cooked shrimp to another plate.


Making the Lemon Butter Sauce:

Lemon butter pair is unlike any other food pairing you’d have tasted. It’s dreamy creamy and the lemon cuts the richness from the butter and turns this sauce into a golden magical deliciousness that you cannot have enough of.

  • You heat the remaining butter + oil mixture in the pan.
  • Add leftover seasoning and sauté for a minute.
  • Then add the juice of lemons and stir evenly.
  • After the first boil, add the shrimp and sauté everything together making sure the crispy shrimp are coated with the delicious lemon sauce.
  • Add some freshly chopped cilantro and the recipe is cooked.




This entire recipe took us less than 20 minutes to make and now comes the easiest part – making the side.

We are serving this with Green Giant®  Riced Veggie Blends – Cilantro Lime which is super easy to make and no post-cleanup too.

Here are some more details about these blends:

“ At Green Giant®, we’re big on veggies — especially when we get to have a little fun with them. Riced Veggie Blends-Cilantro Lime is a mouthwatering blend of Riced Cauliflower, Delicious Lime Juice and Cilantro Seasoning to elevate every bite. We call it a side dish, but don’t be surprised if it steals the spotlight at dinner. Just steam, savor and serve “


You just place the bag in the microwave for 5 ½ – 6 minutes. Let stand for 1 minute and transfer into a fresh bowl.

What can be easier than that, right !!!


Then I just added the side of Riced Veggie Blends to each serving plate along with Butter Lemon Shrimp and added some fresh cilantro on top.

And we are good to go. The entire meal came together in 30 minutes for 4 people. 


The delicious Green Giant® Riced Veggie Blends – Cilantro Lime complements and adds such an amazing flavor to the whole dish. 

It’s also easy to serve to any age group be it, adults or kids, both love the taste.

It also makes a great packed meal for work or even picnics – easy to make and mess-free.


All the Green Giant ® products can be easily found in the frozen vegetable section of your favorite grocery stores and you can find a variety to choose from.

Go ahead and enjoy this delicious and easy meal with your family and do let me know in the comments.

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Buttery Lemon Shrimp Recipe


Yield: 2 People

Buttery Lemon Shrimp with Riced Cauliflower Cilantro Lime


Sautéed shrimp in buttery lemon sauce served with cilantro rice for a refreshing and easy meal anytime.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 1 bag of Green Giant® Riced Veggie Blends – Cilantro Lime
  • 1 lb Shrimp - peeled, deveined and cleaned.
  • 4 Tbsp Butter - I’m using full fat, but you can use any salted variety.
  • Juice of 2 Large Lemons
  • 4 Tbsp Corn Flour
  • 4 Tbsp Olive Oil - prevent butter from burning
  • 4-5 Sprigs Fresh Cilantro - washed, dried and thinly chopped.
  • Seasoning:
  • 2 Tbsp Garlic Seasoning
  • 1.5 Tsp Salt
  • 1 Tsp Chili Powder


  1. In a large bowl, add cleaned shrimp, 1tbsp garlic seasoning, all of salt + red chili powder and, cornflour.
  2. Mix this evenly using a fork or hands.
  3. Heat 2tbsp butter + 2 tbsp olive oil together in a heavy bottom pan or non-stick pan.
  4. Now, add the mixed shrimp and cook on medium heat till the shrimp turn golden orange and cook on both sides.
  5. Remove from the pan and keep aside.
  6. In the same pan, add the remaining butter + olive oil.
  7. Add garlic seasoning, salt + lemon juice.
  8. Stir to combine evenly and cook till one boil.
  9. Now add cooked shrimp and evenly coat all shrimp in this butter lemon sauce.
  10. Turn off the heat and sprinkle some fresh cilantro.
  11. PrepareGreen Giant®  Riced Veggie Blends – Cilantro Lime as per package instructions.
  12. Transfer the Riced Veggie Blends to a serving bowl or serving plate.
  13. Enjoy with butter lemon shrimp.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 963Total Fat: 61gSaturated Fat: 23gTrans Fat: 1gUnsaturated Fat: 34gCholesterol: 555mgSodium: 4448mgCarbohydrates: 52gFiber: 8gSugar: 19gProtein: 57g


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