Meatless Monday: Healthy Breakfast Parfait – 2 Style (Fruit and Chocolate)

Who doesn’t love a healthy breakfast and what if it tastes and looks like dessert? OMG – Right !!!
So here’s a ‘Breakfast Parfait – 2 Style (Fruit and Chocolate)‘ that’s made using plain yogurt (If vegan, you may use vegan yogurt), some fresh fruits, your favorite nuts and then it’s upto you to add any more toppings.


Parfaits are frozen french desserts made using lots of sugar, eggs, cream and tastes ooooommmm–nomnom – yum! You might have also heard of American Parfaits which are usually served for breakfast (made using yogurt and granola) in bakery and restaurants.

I had a chance to try both these parfaits and finally decided to make the American version at home (Don’t worry, you’ll get to see the french version too someday).


I actually made two different variations here one for chocolate lovers and one for fruit lovers. If this is your first time eating or making a parfait, try the fruit version first as it’s more simple in taste and easy to make.

For the chocolate one, I went kind of overboard with two types of chocolate (dark & milk), lots of nuts 😉 and some added cream too.



You can make them overnight and store in fridge, they actually tastes quite good the next day or carry them to work for a quick dessert lunch or a healthy lunch….the possibilities are endless.

I’m adding this to my friend’s ‘Meat free Mondays‘ roundup.

Like always, Enjoy & Share – Hugs from Me!

Tried Our Recipe – AWESOME!!!

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Healthy Breakfast Parfait

7Prep Time

7Total Time

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Tools1 Small Bowl

Serving Bowls/Glasses


Ingredients1 Cup Plain Yogurt - Whipped

1 Cup Granola - I'm using plain (You can use any variety)

1/2 Cup Fresh Berries - Mashed (You may take frozen berries too)

1/2 Cup Pecans - Finely Chopped (You can use any choice of nuts or OMIT)

2 Tbsp Honey - You can use sugar or any kind of sweetener

1/4 Cup Mixed Chocolate - Shredded (I'm using dark & milk) - Optional

3 Tbsp Low Fat Whipped Cream - Optional


  1. In a small bowl, add yogurt, cream, honey and whip using a spoon/fork to mix everything together.
  2. Take a serving bowl/glass, add a tbsp of yogurt and spread evenly at the bottom of glass.
  3. Now, add a tbsp of crushed berry, spread evenly.
  4. Add, a tbsp of granola and spread evenly.
  5. Sprinkle a layer of mixed nuts.
  6. Now repeat the yogurt,berry,granola, nuts layer till the glass is almost full.
  7. Decorate with some chopped nuts and a whip of yogurt of top - Serve Fresh or Chilled.
  8. For Chocolate VersionFollow the above steps and add the chocolate layer just above nuts and fill the glass with yogurt,berry,granola, nuts layer till the glass is almost full.
  9. Just decorate with some more shredded chocolate, nuts and whipped yogurt.
  10. Serve Chilled.


Calories: 428 cal
Carbohydrates: 46 g
Fat: 24 g
Sodium: 37 g
Cholesterol: 11 g
Protein: 9 g
Fiber: 6 g

30 Replies to "Meatless Monday: Healthy Breakfast Parfait - 2 Style (Fruit and Chocolate)"

  • comment-avatar
    Usha August 31, 2015 (10:48 pm)
    Hi! Molly, Awesome recipe. Can you make them at night and take them to work next day or is it something which needs to eat as soon as you make it. Thanks!
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar September 1, 2015 (5:51 am)
      Hello Usha Di, Off-course you can make them overnight and keep in fridge. There is another recipe for breakfast of 'Overnight Oats' using figs and saffron on my site that can be taken to work as well :) Thanks so much for visiting my site - Hugs
  • comment-avatar
    Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen August 31, 2015 (7:38 am)
    I love breakfast parfait! And these look delicious. Lovely share.
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 31, 2015 (10:17 pm)
      Glad you liked the recipe. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
  • comment-avatar
    Howie Fox August 30, 2015 (10:57 am)
    Oh wow! I didn't know that there were different parfait styles! I find the granola - yogurt version moer intruiging! I guess the French version is with raw egg, right?
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 31, 2015 (10:21 pm)
      Thanks Howie, Yes, the french version include raw eggs but they are cooked with cream just like a custard. But its extremely delicious too :)
  • comment-avatar
    Linda @ Veganosity August 29, 2015 (1:42 pm)
    These look fantastic! And they're so easy to make vegan. Thanks!
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 31, 2015 (10:28 pm)
      Absolutely, try them with some vegan cream or yogurt.
  • comment-avatar
    Audrey @ Unconventional Baker August 29, 2015 (5:38 am)
    I'll take berries AND chocolate in mine please :) This looks great!
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar September 1, 2015 (5:55 am)
      Hahahha....Me Too ;) - It seriously is so tough to choose.
  • comment-avatar
    Sina @ Vegan Heaven August 28, 2015 (2:09 pm)
    This looks like a really great breakfast, Molly! :-)
  • comment-avatar
    Sophia @veggies don't bite August 28, 2015 (12:50 am)
    I love breakfast parfait! Such a yummy way to start the day!
  • comment-avatar
    Jenn August 27, 2015 (10:12 pm)
    I love my yogurt with berries and a little crunch. These are perfect!
  • comment-avatar
    Oana @AdoreFoods August 26, 2015 (7:36 pm)
    wow! this parfait looks fabulous :) right up my breakfast style
  • comment-avatar
    Insanely Roy August 26, 2015 (3:05 pm)
    I am drooling . This is my kinda breakfast. curd, fruits,nuts and to that chocolate. Healthy yet delicious! great post Molly :)
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 27, 2015 (9:22 pm)
      Hahahha..Thanks Roy, Glad it's drool worthy ;)
  • comment-avatar
    Madiha Nawaz August 26, 2015 (12:29 pm)
    Parafait has been my breakfast on the go while I was living in the US and I love it. Yours looks gorgeous and I would love to learn and taste the French version of it too :) Thanks for sharing! :)
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 27, 2015 (9:23 pm)
      Thanks Madiha, Parfait are always so much fun to make and eat :)
  • comment-avatar
    Preethi'scuisine August 25, 2015 (10:07 pm)
    Hey this Parfait looks delish. Lovely breakfast idea.
  • comment-avatar
    Choclette August 25, 2015 (6:26 pm)
    Your fruit parfait looks beautiful and sounds like a lovely breakfast for a special occasion. The chocolate gets a big thumbs up from me too - of course ;-)
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 26, 2015 (5:27 am)
      Thanks Choclette & chocolate version id definitely my favorite too....I kinda went extra crazy layering it too and then stuffed my face with 2 at a go :)
  • comment-avatar
    shobha August 25, 2015 (5:23 pm)
    Looks lovely and healthy.. Good breakfast recipe.
  • comment-avatar
    Amrita August 25, 2015 (10:39 am)
    Such pretty photos! I love parfaits, but haven't had them in a while!
    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar August 26, 2015 (5:30 am)
      Thanks so much - Parfait's are so addicting....I also made them after long and kept eating them for two continuous days ;)

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