Salty-Choc-Almond-Rice Crispy Bar

Salty-Choc-Almond-Rice Crispy Bar : They are super crunchy and so easy to make that they please any age group. Mixed with nuts, chocolate and hint of coconut.
Salty-Choc-Almond-Rice Crispy Bar
So we are in the ❤Valentine Week❤ which means Love, Emotions, Flowers, Gifts n Chocolates (In any order that you may please ;))
Here’s a quick recipe for this week, enjoy !!!
Salty-Choc-Almond-Rice Crispy Bar
Serves: 2
Serving Suggestion: Eat as is or with fresh fruits or hot beverage
½ Cup Chocolate Melts –
(I’m using an organic brand)
½ Cup Roasted Almonds – Chopped into pieces
¼ Cup Rice Krispy’s
2 Pinch of Sea Salt
2 Tbsp Coconut Powder – Optional
Note: Make sure all the ingredients and tools are readily available before we melt the chocolate
Melt the chocolate in a microwavable bowl for 2 mins (stirring every minute)
Stir the melted chocolate to form a smooth consistency, add almonds and rice krispy’s.
Fold everything together and pour the mixture on the serving plate.
Sprinkle with sea salt, coconut powder and refrigerate for 30 mins.
Once the mixture is hardened enough, cut into desired shapes and serve as per choice.

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