Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake (Fluffy and Easy)

Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake (Fluffy and Easy) is hands down super soft cake with delicious lemon flavor in every bite.

This Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake is extremely easy to make and can be served at any meal or party because of its light lemony flavors. 

This Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake is a MUST try !!!


A Light, Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake (Fluffy and Easy) is what all summer dreams are made up of !!!

If there is one thing that I crave the most or something that I cannot go without for long, is a Lemon Cake.

It’s like my worst kept secret between friends/family and if I see one in a bakery…if well made, then that’s definitely the first thing I order.

So Hello My Dear Friend today we are talking all things that lead us to this delicious – Moist lemon yogurt cake !! 

It’s been a long time since I shared a cake recipe and this one is a Keeper for Sure.

It’s also known as Healthy Lemon Yogurt Cake or Greek Yogurt Lemon Cake.


Infact, this cake was the very first recipe that I ever made and I can still remember the sweet smell from the oven and the kitchen smelling heavenly!!!!

Off-course the added advantage of licking the leftover cake batter from spatula cannot be ever forgotten 😉

Now, when it comes to cake, everyone has their favorite and for me, it’s this Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake (Fluffy and Easy) if you haven’t guessed till now 😉 .

The Addition of Yogurt Makes It :

Absolutely heavenly.

Super Moist

Enhances the Lemon Flavor Further.

I like to make this cake especially for brunch/picnic as can you just imagine sitting on the beach, with sand in your toes and biting into this piece of yum….It’s Blissful !!!

This cake is especially meant to be made in the season of spring-summer when you get fresh Meyer lemons or fresh lemons from your garden or local farmers market.

I insist that ‘Please use Fresh Lemon Juice’ for the cake rather than the packaged one.


We did use a combination of Eggs-Lemon to give this cake an extra airy/light and moist feel and taste.

However, if you are a complete vegetarian and want to skip eggs, then:

Substitute with an extra 1/3 cup of yogurt and 2 tbsp of vinegar.

Also, please be extra careful when removing the cake from the mold as because of its light and moist texture, it may break really easily.

So always keep an extra plate or help around when transferring it to a plate or serving dish.

Hence, it’s recommended that you let the cake cool completely before slicing it.


Serving Suggestion:

As many of you have asked me regarding serving suggestion for this Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake so here you go

(These options work best when the cake is completely cooled down) :

Sprinkle with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Add fresh berries or serve along with chopped berries.

Serve with sugared lemons.

Add a light layer of cream (since the cake is super moist, adding too much cream will break it).

Serve with Vanilla Ice-Cream.

Simply serve as is.

Sprinkle some Honey on Top along with Berries (Seriously THIS is EVERYTHING – Try it)

For me and everyone at home, we usually just sprinkle this Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake with light powdered sugar.

As always enjoy this piece of yum and I look forward to hearing from you. You can tag pictures of my recipes made by you at #easycookingwithmolly


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Yield: 6 People

Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake (Fluffy and Easy)

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes


  • 1 1/2 Cups All-Purpose Flour
  • 1/2 Cup Plain Yogurt or Greek yogurt (whatever is available)
  • 1/2 Cup Canola Oil (You may use any light oil)
  • 1 Cup Sugar - You may use sugar substitute of choice
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 2 Tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 Tsp Salt
  • Zest, from 1 Medium Lemon
  • 1/4 Cup Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice


Preheat the oven to 350-Farenheit (175-Centigrade).

  1. Spray a round cake pan with baking spray, set aside*
  2. Sift together flour, baking powder, salt in a large bowl.
  3. Whisk together, yogurt, sugar, and eggs, to form a batter.
  4. Add oil, lemon juice, lemon zest and whisk again to form a frothy batter.
  5. Fold the dry ingredients slowly into wet ingredients and form a smooth (lump-free batter).
  6. Pour the batter into prepared pan.
  7. Bake for 30-35 minutes, until the cake feels springy to the touch and a toothpick or cake tester inserted into the center comes out clean. Be careful not to over bake.
  8. Cool cake on a wire rack for 10 minutes; then turn it out of the pan onto the rack.
  9. Once the cake has completely cooled, sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  10. Serve fresh and enjoy the Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake (Fluffy and Easy) with your friends n family.


* If you want, you may line with parchment paper and spray parchment paper lightly

** You can use a 9 inch pan

Nutrition Information

Serving Size

8-10 Slices

Amount Per ServingCalories 225 Total Fat 14g Saturated Fat 1g Sodium 285mg Carbohydrates 22g Protein 2g


88 Replies to "Moist Lemon Yogurt Cake (Fluffy and Easy)"

  • comment-avatar
    Choclette October 9, 2015 (6:33 pm)

    Lemon cake is always a crowd pleaser and a fluffy one with yoghurt in has got to be good 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Cristie October 9, 2015 (2:41 am)

    I love yoghurt cakes and lemon. I’m making this asap.

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 9, 2015 (4:59 pm)

      Oh that would be awesome, Thanks Cristie.

  • comment-avatar
    Deepika@EasyBabyMeals October 8, 2015 (4:35 pm)

    This cake looks absolutely beautiful. I will give it a try soon.

  • comment-avatar
    Rachel @ Simple Seasonal October 8, 2015 (11:35 am)

    This cake sounds delightful! It would pair perfectly with a good cup of coffee with citrus undertones. My favorite way to enjoy a citrus dessert!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 8, 2015 (7:06 pm)

      So True, its my favorite afternoon coffee companion 😉 Thanks for your lovely comment Rachel.

  • comment-avatar
    Sara October 8, 2015 (5:56 am)

    Oh Molly, this looks so pretty, I love how you decorated this cake, it’s so simple yet elegant, thank you for sharing this delicious recipe!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 8, 2015 (7:08 pm)

      Thanks Sara, so glad you liked it 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Kathryn @ FoodieGirlChicago October 8, 2015 (12:12 am)

    Your photos of this cake are beautiful! They make me want to run out and purchase the ingredients right now!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 8, 2015 (7:14 pm)

      HAhahahha, thanks so much Kathryn, that’s so sweet of you 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Leslie @ Bessie Bakes October 6, 2015 (11:00 pm)

    Lemon lends such a great flavor to cake. This cake looks so light and fluffy. Absolutely beautiful!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 7, 2015 (4:08 am)

      Thanks Leslie. Lemon definitely perked the taste up.

  • comment-avatar
    Cassandrea at October 6, 2015 (8:25 pm)

    Looks beautiful and delicious!!

  • comment-avatar
    Rosemary @anitalianinmykitchen October 6, 2015 (6:38 pm)

    I love cake and your yogurt cake looks so delicious and very pretty too.

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 7, 2015 (4:09 am)

      Thanks Rosemary, Glad you liked it 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Catherine October 6, 2015 (1:52 pm)

    Dear Molly, what a beautiful cake!! This sounds absolutely splendid. I wish I had a slice with my afternoon tea. xo, Catherine

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 8, 2015 (7:23 pm)

      Aweeee, thanks Catherine! I wish the same….If you’re ever in bay area, CA, drop in for some tea n cakes – Hugs, Molly

  • comment-avatar
    Chris @ SimpleFood365 October 5, 2015 (6:04 pm)

    Molly that cake looks awesome! I am going to save this one and send it over the Tara so we can try it! Thanks for sharing it!!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 8, 2015 (7:57 pm)

      Awee, thanks Chris. Glad you guys are gonna try it.

  • comment-avatar
    Byron Thomas October 5, 2015 (10:44 am)

    If that cake tastes half as good as your photos look, then we have a winner! 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    kushi October 4, 2015 (2:23 pm)

    In love with your recipe. This looks amazing. flavorful and so moist

  • comment-avatar
    Noor October 4, 2015 (3:00 am)

    I like how you give the vegetarian option too. And that pretty flower on top..makes for such pretty pictures.

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 5, 2015 (6:20 am)

      Thanks Noor. I love that flower and Cake Combo Too 😉

  • comment-avatar
    J @ A Hot Southern Mess October 4, 2015 (12:52 am)

    What a pretty pretty cake! Looks delicious!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 4, 2015 (12:58 am)

      Thanks Jessica 🙂

      • comment-avatar
        veronica February 4, 2016 (2:58 am)

        does this cake rise? want to make for cupcakes!

        • comment-avatar
          Molly Kumar February 4, 2016 (5:43 pm)

          Yes, it does rise however for cupacakes, you can fill 3/4 of muffin tin.

  • comment-avatar
    Nagi@RecipeTinEats October 3, 2015 (11:05 pm)

    No mixer – yay! I agree, yoghurt does wonders to keep cakes, muffins etc moist. This really looks fabulous, tucking it away to try soon! 🙂

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 4, 2015 (12:59 am)

      So true Nagi, yogurt makes it perfectly soft. Thanks so much for visiting and liking the recipe – Hugs

  • comment-avatar
    Marisa Franca @ All Our Way October 3, 2015 (7:07 pm)

    The cake look wonderful and it appears as light as a feather. I love the flower on top. Really compliments the photo!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 4, 2015 (1:00 am)

      Isn’t it, I’m so glad you liked the flower on top pf the cake, It just made everything ‘POP’ 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

  • comment-avatar
    Steph @ Steph in Thyme October 3, 2015 (2:53 pm)

    Stunning! Looks so flavorful and moist, slice me two slices!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 4, 2015 (1:03 am)

      Lolz, thanks Steph – You’re two slices are reserved 😉

  • comment-avatar
    Paige @ Where Latin Meets Lagniappe October 3, 2015 (9:01 am)

    This cake looks absolutely divine! I love anything lemon, and I think this would pair so perfectly with a hot coffee on a cool day 🙂 Delicious!!

  • comment-avatar
    Dixya @ Food, Pleasure, and Health October 3, 2015 (8:48 am)

    oh yummmm i love the presentation in this post..and i bet it tastes equally delicious!

    • comment-avatar
      Molly Kumar October 5, 2015 (6:21 am)

      It sure tasted HEAVENLY !!! Thanks Dixya.

    • comment-avatar
      Jayne May 20, 2016 (10:15 pm)

      I just made this lemon cake. It is delicious! Thank you.

      • comment-avatar
        Molly Kumar May 21, 2016 (4:38 pm)

        That is Awesome! Thanks for trying the recipe Jayne 🙂

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