Makki ki Roti – Cornmeal Flatbread

Makki ki Roti – Cornmeal Flatbread: is warm and delicious traditional Indian flatbread. It can be enjoyed with any curry, vegetable or daal.  The Makki ki Roti, originated from the region of Punjab, India where it’s mostly eaten with Sarsoan ka Saag(Mustard Leave cooked with butter) along with a huge dollop of white homemade butter, some jaggery and a huge glass of buttermilk.

It’s been a foggy winter morning for quite some time for us in California and we are finally going to have the much-awaited rains this weekend….which is a perfect setting for pipping hot comfort food dishes……Just imagine, sitting perched up near a window with your favorite blanket, looking at falling rain and eating warm, rich comfort food….It’s Perfect! The feeling of calm, no rush, falling rain and smell of wet soil….there’s something amazing about all that.

Makki ki Roti

Traditionally, it’s made using cornmeal flour with salt, chili, and water. Now cornmeal is “Gluten-free” hence, the roti/flatbread doesn’t hold very well together and they usually break while the making process or cooking process. Hence at times, we mix it with some gluten like wheat flour/chickpea flour or plain flour (Depending on choice/availability)

Makki ki Roti - Cornmeal Flatbread
Makki Ki Roti – Cornmeal Flatbread

So, Today, I’m going to share with you a variation of this recipe which includes wheat flour with cilantro, ginger, and chili that gives it a nice taste and texture. And this is a great recipe for a beginner who wants to try making “Makki ki Roti” and it can be enjoyed with or without any curry or veggies.

I’m going to eat it with some plain yogurt or a big glass of buttermilk!

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NOTE  I’m using a food processor to make the dough however you can make the dough by hand too.Makki-Roti-on-Tava

TIP : 

This is a slightly textures flatbread, hence I’m using a kitchen towel sheet (rolled) to press on the flatbread/roti to help it cook evenly. You can continue to cook the flatbread this way on the non-stick till both sides are evenly brown and cooked or you can follow the “On the flame” cooking process.


Yields 12 Rotis / Flatbread

Makki ki Roti - Cornmeal Flatbread

Makki ki Roti - Traditional Indian Cornmeal Flatbread

5 minPrep Time

10 minCook Time

15 minTotal Time

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* For Making the Dough *

2 Cups of Cornmeal Flour (Makki ka Atta) - available in any grocery store

1 Cup Whole Grain Flour

1/2 Cup Fresh Cilantro - Cleaned

1 Medium Green Chili (Optional) - Deseeded and chopped in two

1 Tsp Ginger - Grated

11/2 Warm Water – For making a dough

** Other Ingredients **

1/2 Cup Regular Flour – For dusting while making the Flatbread.

3 Tbsp Butter (Optional) – For rubbing on tortilla/roti before serving


  1. In a food processor with dough attachment, add all the ingredients under “dough” and pulse to form a smooth and pliable dough. (Takes about 2-3mins)
  2. Make 16 round balls out of the formed dough and using a rolling pin, roll them into disc shape (4-5inch) using dry flour.
  3. Heat nonstick pan OR tava on high flame for 2 mins, then reduce the flames to medium, place one of the
  4. rolled roti/bread on it.
  5. Turn the roti to another side after 1 min (Side up will have bubbles and brown spots).
  6. After both sides are browned for 1 min each, remove the pan from flame and using a tong (chimta) put the roti on high flame.
  7. Now, keep tossing it on both sides till they fluff up and evenly golden brown in color.
  8. Remove Roti and place into serving dish and slather with butter on the side up.
  9. Follow step 3 and 4 till all roti/bread is done.
  10. Serve Hot

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