Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup

It’s was one of the hottest week we had in California and I was craving a chilled light soup BUT I  didnt wanted the
regular tomato/sweet n sour or other similar soups……..I wanted something different, slightly tangy-sweet and easy to make with the ingredients I had at home.
Then I remembered a “Red Bell Pepper Soup” that I had tasted during one of my trip to NY, it was fresh, creamy, crisp and a cold soup.

Here’s an easy and healthy recipe of the soup with steps listed below with picture:


Red Bell Pepper Soup

Serves: 4 People
Serving Suggestion: Serve Chilled or
Hot with bread
Pan/Pot with Lid
Soup in Making

Baking Tray – Lined with foil

Bowl filled with Ice
Soup Bowl
3 Medium Red Bell Pepper(Capsicum)
2 Medium Orange Bell Pepper – Optional
– Substitute with 2 more red pepper
1 Large White Onion – Thickly
Chopped – It will all be sautéed and blended
4 Garlic Cloves – Chopped
½ Sprig Dry Thyme – You can use
fresh thyme or rosemary or completely skip this step
1 Can Vegetable Broth (14oz) – You
can use any broth or plain water
5 Tbsp Olive Oil – You may use any
flavorless oil of choice
1 Tbsp Butter – Any butter is fine
1 Tsp White Vinegar – Optional
(This is to give it a tangy taste)
2 Bay Leaf
½ Tsp Black Pepper Powder
Salt – As per taste
Cheese to Decorate – Optional
oven at 400 degree
  • Cut and deseed the
    peppers, drizzle with 3 tbsp of oil and roast for 30min in the oven and put on
    broil for 3min.
  • Once the peppers are
    roasted, turn off the oven and place the peppers over ice. (This sudden change in temperature will help remove the burnt skin/peel
  • Peel all the roasted
    peppers and place on a plate
  • Now heat oil in a large
    pan, add bay leaf, onion and garlic.
  • Saute over lower to
    medium heat till onions become slightly translucent or brown.
  • Now add roasted peppers,
    thyme, salt, black pepper and saute for 2 min.
  • Add broth/water and
    vinegar, give it a quick stir and cover with lid and cook over low heat for
  • After 10min (the veggies would have cooked well and
    you’ll get a sweet aroma)
    switch off the heat and let the mixture cool
  • Blend this mixture to a
    smooth consistency and sieve for any extra pulp/fiber.
  • Heat butter in a
    pan,  pour the blended soup and give it
    one boil and turn off the heat.
  • Serve this soup hot or

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